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Twitter: @elenacresci

Website : http://www.elenacresci.co.uk

Elena Cresci has now graduated from Swansea University and is currently pursuing a diploma in Newspaper Journalism at Cardiff University. Missing her posts? Check out her personal blog, and follow her on Twitter!

She may be tiny enough for you to miss, but she’s loud enough for everyone to hear. Elena Cresci (but you can call her Len) studies English and German at Swansea University and is currently in her fourth year, otherwise known as the year of the Library. Somehow she thought it would be a good idea to hold down a job in Cardiff while also being Captain of the Jiu-Jitsu club and contributing to The Waterfront, but she’s coping. Just. Future plans include becoming a Power Ranger. Failing that, she’ll fall back on Journalism and hope that she can be the Clark Kent kind of superhero. Cuts to the Modern Languages Department make her angry and Twilight brings her out in hives.