15:00 That’s us done! Thanks for sticking with us guys, and don’t forget that voting starts tomorrow!

14:53 What would your priority campaign be?

Verity: Welfare integration across both campuses.

Alice: Bay will be a large issue, but housing is the most important, affects everyone.

Leigh: Working on total equality across the university.

Lloyd: Bay is important, but there are still many many issues that are particularly pertinent in Uplands and Singleton. The prime issue is publicising support.

Huyam: Making sure students feel safe and welcome is small, but crucially important.

Ateeq: The main campaign would be promoting our excellent welfare provision on both campuses.

Keji: The health of students is the no. 1 priority, particularly mental health. Equality despite ethnic background, cultural background and sexual orientation is key.

14:48 Which services are essential to have on both campuses?

Lloyd: All of them. We should push the university to spread provision across both campuses.

Leigh: Current plans neglect to offer a GP on the new campus. Awareness about health, particularly mental health is paramount. Also, faith services.

Alice: Welfare should have a very strong presence on the new Campus. Publicity is very important.

Verity: Welfare services should be mirrored on the new campus.

Keji: Also agrees that all services are too important to neglect.

Ateeq: It is important that the FTO works with both campuses to target welfare services, particularly mental health.

Huyam: All services should be maintained, with a particular focus on publicising women’s issues and issues regarding students with disabilities.

14:44 What would you do to improve transport provision?

Keji: Dedicated cycle lane, cycle hire on offer. In addition, Keji would like to provide a dedicated walk path.

Ateeq: Would lobby for more regular buses.

Huyam: Raises the possibility of a shuttle bus between campuses.

Lloyd: The SU should promote cycling. Lloyd says he has faith in First Cymru’s bus provision.

Leigh: There is already a cycle route to Bay. We should also look to improve the time range of bus provision to Bay campus.

Alice: Calls for well-lit walkways to Bay, better publicisation of bus times.

Verity: Raise awareness of travel safety.

14:40 Verity: pledges “faith room” on Bay Campus. “Both campuses must work in sync”, uni must lobby to improve disabled access at places like Sin City.

14:38 Alice: Promises to promote alcohol safety, particularly regarding spiking. She pledges to improve lighting in Singleton and rank landlord. In addition, she talks about promoting cycling between campuses. She also wants to increase provision of facilities regarding exam stress.

14:36 Leigh: The big issue is Bay Campus, but little has been said about welfare there. Leigh also promises to focus on male body image, and increase the openness of FTOs.

14:35 Lloyd: has centred his manifesto around eight key topics, including transport to Gower and Liberty stadium as well as Bay, increased support for abroad students, promoting mental health issues, and some others that I couldn’t type quick enough.

14:34 Huyam: We should raise issues regarding mental health, LGBT+ issues and women’s issues. She also wants to promote the provision of first aid provision. She also pledges to standardise letting fees.

14:30 Ateeq: Ateeq speaks to the need for an FTO who is extremely dedicated to improving health, particularly improving awareness of disabilities and social anxiety. He also plans to stage a big sexual health campaign. Like Keji, he also wants to ease access to the gym.

14:28 Keji: Welfare is very important, students need to work together to improve accommodation, transport, wellbeing and financial concerns. He, like many others, talks about the bus route between campuses. Keji also pledges a big sexual health campaign, and improving the provision of healthy food and gym access.

14:26 Welfare up! We have Keji Ajewole, Ateeq-Ul-Hassan, Huyam Dalbani, Lloyd Harris, Leigh Herring, Verity Williams, and Alice Mercer. It’s a big one, you guys.

14:20 And that’s it for sports. Just welfare to go in five to ten minutes.

14:12 How would you help Swansea climb the BUCS table?

Felix: Swansea lags behind. We need people to get involved, and improvement will happen organically.

Hari: Bring in more knowledge from outside the university, guest coaches etc. Promote sports as a fun activity.

Holly: Bay is going to increase our profile, probably the BUCS rating will follow. Bring in better coaching.

Josh: “My manifesto drives towards a better BUCS rating.” Hold coaching workshops – more sustainable solution to coaching issues. Attempt to increase no. of BUCS teams across the university.

Claire: There’s a long way to go. The best way to do this is to invest in existing facilities, as well as those on Bay Campus. Encourage individual participation through BUCS.

Nick: We need to be hands-on. Work with committees and tweak budgets, look to increase participation, particularly in spectating.

14:06 How do you encourage those who lack confidence?

Holly: we should have more Welcome Meets, more accommodating socials, less formality.

Hari: Introduce sports free trial periods. Work with media outlets to promote positive body image, etc.

Felix: We should further increase sports access for students with disabilities.

Nick: Offer chances for committees to meet and work with the FTO.

Claire: Reiterates the fact that FTOs need to work better with committees.

Josh: Also talks about the need to work with FTOs and tackle “bad cultures” [ed: lad cultures?] in certain clubs.

14:00 How can we ensure that people can participate in sport recreationally?

Nick: as with rugby league, snow riding, encourage casual attendance for sports.

Claire: encourage interaction and partnership with other societies.

Josh: Promote inter-halls competitions, more intra-uni competitions.

Holly: Publicise Swansea’s excellent sports facilities.

Felix: Students are what matter. He emphasises need for more socially-geared sports activities.

Hari: Encourage non-competitive participation, more open sports socials. Potentially offer free trials.

13:58 Felix: sports has been an integral part of his Swansea experience. Wants to make sure everybody has a reason to play be sports. Increase access to sports for students with disabilities.

13:56 Hari: we should encourage social aspect of sports. SU and Waterfront should promote nutrition, exercise. Hari also pledges equal access across campuses.

13:54 Holly: has been involved in sports exec, many committees. Wants to keep sports accessible across campuses. Lobbying regarding sports training facilities. Pledges to improve provision of healthy and affordable food, draw together societies and sports. Sports day!

13:52 Josh: has represented Wales at rugby. Believes sports are a big part of uni social life. He wants to break down barriers to participation, particularly prohibitive club culture.

13:50 Clare: “I was drawn to Swansea by the sports.” Clare was elected to sports swansea committee in her second year, and has been highly commended for her work. She wants to publicise achievements in a sports newsletter, ease transitions between committees.

13:50 Nick: has a lot of experience, particularly in turning around climbing soc.

13:48 Sports! And we have Holly Janes, Clare Gujer, Felix, Mmeka, Nick Bowsher, Hari McCloughlin, and  Josh Guy

13:42 Societies done! Thanks for sticking with us, we’ll be back with sports in a minute.

13:39 What are you going to do about Freshers’ Fayre?

Chris: Currently looking at options. Considering single-campus fayre or separate fayres on both.

Deonte: Singleton has the space and facilities, is “main campus”, therefore FF should stay in Singleton.

Mo: Single campus fayre is too restrictive. Possibly spread fayre over a week and across campuses.

Alys: Equal representation on both campuses. Longer Fayre, etc. Freshers’ shuttle buss possibly?

13:36 If you could improve one thing about services, what would it be?

Deonte: Availability of services and spaces to societies.

Chris: Greater publicity for advice and support, travel shop, and other assistive services.

Alys: “I wouldn’t promise to reduce prices”, but look at better ways to ease the cost of catering.

Mo: Suggestion boxes at Blas, JC’s, etc.

13:33 How are you going to ensure societies work across campuses?

Alys: I will split my time between campuses, offer the use of SU minibuses.

Mo pledges to look into a Societies Bay PTO, and a co-ordinator stationed on Bay campus.

Deonte says that he will let societies choice where they operate from, and will offer assistance with complications regarding representation on both campuses.

Chris: drop in sessions will be across both campuses. Subsidise committee transport.

13:31 Chris: “Experience with St Johns makes me well prepared.” He also pledges societies drop-in sessions, giving societies options over location, increasing postgrad representation.

13:29 Deonte: “I have a lot of experience with Catholics soc, African-Caribbean society, etc. Societies need more flexible, cheaper spaces, online registry of society activities.”

13:27 Mo: “I hope to provide perks for Society committees a la sports ‘captains’ cards’. Bigger societies Waterfront section. Wealth of experience [he lists his experience. There is a lot. I missed most of it.]”

13:25 Alys: “I have a lot of experience in saving the Biosciences society. I will build bridges between societies and the union. No society should be neglected by way of location. Representation is key.”

13:24 For societies we have: Alys Chapman, Mo Comfort, Chris Walden and Deonte Jam.

13:15 That’s it for presidential candidates. Societies up next!

13:11 How do you plan to integrate campuses?

Chris: this is about SU visibility across campuses.

Caleb says integration relies on department-based events rather than accommodation-based events. Further, he asks for more ‘welcoming events’.

Ajing: With integration, the prime issue is with movement, hence his policy of an express bus service. He also promotes the idea of friendly sporting rivalries between campuses.

Harry claims it is the responsibility of FTOs to promote integration through the SU.

Steph: societies and services need to be accessible across campuses.

13:07 How are we going to pay for your ideas?

Ajing says that the colleges are concerned about issues such as transport and would be willing to contribute. He also says the Uni should have the money to improve lighting.

Caleb says things light parking could actually reduce costs. He also raises the possibility of fundraising.

Chris pledges to prioritise, and using highly engaged volunteers.

Steph says many of her policies such as mental health support might be offered on a volunteer basis.

Harry claims that he was very careful re: affordability in his manifesto.

13:04 What personal quality makes you a good candidate?

Steph speaks of her experience with Dance Society and her personal integrity. 

Harry talks about his experience in the working in SU facilities, and says he is friendly and approachable.

Ajing speaks to his communicability, and his “targeted” manifesto.

Caleb says he is a good team leader and resolver of conflicts.

Chris says he has the ability to listen and engage, which sets him apart.

13:03 Chris Walburn talks about his experience at the SU and with LGBT+ society, pledging to empower students and publicise the work of the SU and related societies. He says he has the experience and drive to be the no. 1 choice for president.

13:00 Caleb Severn talks about his authoring of a paper on improving grades. He also pledges a monthly “accountability week” across both campuses. He also pledges culture trips and more assistance for International students. Lastly, he talks about transport concerns re: Bay Campus.

12:58 Ajing Jipur (the Waterfront added a ‘j’ to his name) also calls for better lighting in Singleton, further pledging an express bus service to Bay, and highlighting the fact that most Bay Campus students (60%) will be international. Lastly, he proposes a question box in the SU building.

12:56 Harry Forrester emphasises the role of a ‘strong and united’ SU, promises to increase accountability and representation, including the publication of expenses. Further, he makes pledges towards better lighting in Singleton Park and  more organised email system.

12:55 Steph Dalton speaks of her pledges to address transport and accommodation concerns, also promising a review of FTO positions and implementation of policy across both campuses. She also wants to raise awareness of mental health issues, and speaks to the pertinent issue of joint honours students travelling between campuses.

12:54 We’ve fumbled the order of posts. Will sort that out in a sec.

12:53 Presidential candidates up now.

12:50 Without wanting to editorialise too much, we will return to Robiu’s comments about our coverage of SoM issues.

12:46 Presidential candidates up next. We have: Ajjing Jipur, Caleb Severn, Chris Walburn, Harry Forrester, and Steph Dalton are running.

12:44 With regards to college and subject reps, Robiu highlights a need to further engage students in the the subject rep system.

12:42 How would you address the negative press facing the School of Management? Robiu criticises people who have challenged the direction of the School of Management, saying they are “shooting us in the foot”. He repeats Nigel Piercy’s assertion that SoM has risen in the rankings.

12:41 Asked about Postgrad students, Robiu says that they are very important to the university, and calls for further spaces for postgrad students.

12:39 Robiu highlights the issues of Saturday exams, fair transport for Bay Campus and ‘a positive plan for the SoM’ as the heart of his campaign. He also speaks to his experience as BME officer.

12:38 Robiu Salisu giving opening comments for Education. He’s now the only candidate in this field after all other candidates withdrew.