Pictured: Haters.

Pictured: Haters.

Following our article yesterday, The Siren has been informed of a letter sent from Nigel Piercy to all students of the School of Management. Regarding this, our co-editor would like to make a few comments.

The Dean begins with a list of achievements reached since he took over in 2013, including league table rises and such. The Siren welcomes any betterment in the performance of our university, but we would point to the fact that Swansea University in general has been on the rise, and not all of that can be due to the no doubt exemplary management style of Nigel Piercy. Moreover, we would like to add that doubts about the integrity of economics marking rather take a shine off these improvements.

Crucially, though, Dean Piercy directly addresses the petition on the final page of the four-page tract. Piercy says:

‘Some of you will be aware that the School has been subject to some negative publicity recently in the form of an online petition and articles in the student newspaper. I think our students are too smart to believe everything that they read online or in student newspapers! There is a considerable amount of misinformation, maliciousness and untruth in some of what has been circulated.’

The Siren wishes to reiterate our belief – as we did yesterday – that any “negative publicity” created by the petition is dwarfed by the negative publicity brought on by a mass movement of staff to Russell Group universities, doubts raised about marking by external examiners, and the refusal to address the concerns of our representatives in the student union. It is not through malice or a desire to spread untruth that we support this petition. We support the petition because we have genuine concerns about the negative press brought upon the university by headlines regarding the School of Management. These headlines far outdate Ilana Cohen’s petition and the Waterfront and Siren articles on the issues, often by many months. If the petitioners’ wishes are to bring  negative publicity to Swansea, their efforts pale in comparison to the absolutely stellar work being done by the School of Management.

Also notable is Dean Piercy’s sign-off:

‘I think the new School motto should be: “Haters goin to hate, Potatoes going to potate, But we’re doin great!”. I may have T-shirts made… [emphasis and ellipsis not added]’

Well it’s nice to know that we’re not being patronised.

I wonder what the Latin is for ‘to potate’.


The petition now stands at 1,055 signatures and can be found here.