It’s that time of year again folks! While you’re all settling into your new accommodation, and no doubt sampling the myriad delights of Wind Street, our new editors would like to take a moment to welcome you back for another year of The Siren.

Tori-Ilana Evans

Last year I had the pleasure of getting involved with The Siren. My first post was to do with being a Part Time Officer for the University and it was anonymous. I didn’t have to worry about making the article perfect and I was surprised and pleased with how much I had enjoyed writing it. The Siren is an independent blog that has no funding but manages to thrive nonetheless. There’s something poetic in writing for something that survives because of love not money and there is a freedom in being independent. Everyone can get involved and we don’t have to tailor our articles to be accepted. My name is Tori-Ilana Evans (ilana not llana – which everyone seems to think is my name) and I’m a third year English Literature Student. I like to write human interest pieces, adore creative writing and like to write articles about societies. The Siren is a wonderful thing to get involved with and as I am fortunate to be the Webb to Olly Treen’s Mitchell (he’s funnier) I’m thrilled about what The Siren has in store for everyone this year.

Olly Treen

I found out about The Siren on my first day at Swansea University. It was in an introductory lecture given by our former editor Roisin O’Connor, in fact – a well-timed plug tempered with subtle hints of gritty independence and a rivalry with the official campus newspaper certainly captured my imagination, and from that point on I was powerless to resist. I remember what seemed most impressive to me at the time was that, when I went to speak to Roisin afterwards, she produced a wadge of business cards (!) and spoke knowingly of how The Siren needed more articles on politics, which I figured would be my in.

Sadly we don’t have business cards. Nor do I have quite the charisma, journalistic nous, or sheer organisational will of Roisin (I can’t presume to speak for Tori in that regard). I am however thrilled to find myself as co-editor. The Siren – despite some rather spectacular procrastination on my part – has been a defining aspect of my time in Swansea, and it will be an absolute pleasure to share that with the rest of you, and hopefully expand the reach of this fantastic paper.

We owe a lot to our previous editors, and it would be remiss of me not to mention the wonderful work of Natalie and Zoe, who last year won the NUS Wales award for Best Student Media. Frankly, The Siren’s record is exceptional and Tori and I are very excited to be taking over after another very strong year. In many ways, however, Tori and I would like to take The Siren in a slightly different direction. Naturally, there will likely be a stronger emphasis on topics we feel passionate about, but we would also like to use this year to open up The Siren to more creative writing and potentially even work with some of our writers on producing regular columns. We look forward to working with our readers and contributors to deliver another outstanding year for The Siren, while keeping true to the image that was so appealing to our tiny little Fresher selves. It’s only with your help that we can keep The Siren independent, honest, and scrappy as all hell.

If you would like to get involved with The Siren, please do not hesitate to contact Olly or Tori via Facebook chat, or via our official email address

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