Contributions by Laurence Atkinson

20:01 That’s a wrap folks, our complete FTO team for last year will be:

Education: Ilana Cohen

President: Ceinwen Cloney

Societies and Services: Jerry Isokariari

Sports: Charlotte Peters

Welfare: Joel Gascoyne

20:00 Here‘s our final video of the night with Welare Officer-Elect, Joel Gascoyne.

19:57 We’ve just spoken to Joel Gascoyne, the video should be online shortly.

19:46 The results for welfare are in. We can announce that the Welfare Officer for 2014/15 is Joel Gascoyne!

Chuks Nwabugwu came second, with Verity Williams in third place.

19:35 The final result of the evening will be Welfare, which we are expecting to hear shortly.

19:31 Our interview with Charlotte Peters is online here!

19:17 The Sports Officer for 2014/15 is Charlotte Peters!

Lauren Walker came second, with Chanté Lee in third place.

19:06 Check out our interview with Jerry Isokariari here.

19:03 Just finished speaking to Jerry, uploading to Youtube now!

18:53 The Societies and Services Officer for next year will be Jerry Isokariari!

Jazmin Kopotsha came second, with Kat Molloy in third.

18:44 Interview with President-Elect Ceinwen Cloney can be viewed here.

18:38 We’ve just interviewed President-Elect Ceinwen Cloney, the video should be up shortly!

18:28 Interview with Education Officer-Elect is now live and able to view here.

18:25 The new President will be Ceinwen Cloney!

18:24 The Presidential results are being announced now, results to follow.

18:19 Just finished our interview with new Education Officer Ilana Cohen, hopefully uploading shortly!

18:05 The new education officer will be Ilana Cohen after 3 rounds of voting!

Oliver Bell came second, with Dylan Hopkins in third place!

18:00 The Siren team is here live in Union House for the FTO Election results 2014! Education is up first, so and we should be hearing that result soon.