Our last, but by no means least, look at manifestos is with Societies and Services. With five candidates running, it’s sure to be an enthusiastic and exciting campaign race.


Jerry Isokariari

 Jerry promises to open up more space and funding to university societies.

He pushes the idea of daily drop-in sessions for university services.

He wishes to implement an appeals process for societies that have been sanctioned by the union.

He also wishes to hold fortnightly meeting with the presidents of university societies.

He pledges to increase the visibility of smaller societies.

He will push for a wider range of international food on campus.

He promises to arrange monthly fora for international students.


Jazmin Kopotsha

 Jazmin will work with the council to open up off-campus spaces for societies.

She will introduces societies ‘webinars’.

She pledges to put societies on equal footing with sports at the university.

She promises a ‘social enterprise’, with the university employing students for part time jobs.

She pledges a consultation process regarding the running of service on Bay campus.

She also promises to turn Fulton Outfitters into a student box office.

She pledges an  online system for society room-booking, and a public calendar of all society events.

Finally, she plans to include societies into the university induction process.


Kat Molloy

 Kat will create a student media body on par with that of other universities.

She will implement a reward scheme for student uni staff

She will reinstate the ‘Raise and Give’ scheme.

She pledges to co-ordinate liberations societies and international societies alongside charities.

She promises the completion of the Fulton House renovations.


Nick Townsend

 Nick pledges to introduce a discount scheme for student staff, and a committee reward scheme for society committee members.

He promises an annual review of campus services.

He pledges language training for society committee members.

He wishes to open up more space to societies.

He also promises to ensure the continuation of societies and services across both campuses.


Glyn Williams

 Glyn promises to reverse restrictions on societies’ fundraising efforts, and to oppose any further restrictions placed on societies.

He wishes to ensure basic services for Bay Campus, and additionally make sure that they employ students.

He also promises to make the societies and services officer more accessible to society members.

He plans to open up more advertising space on campus.

He pledges an inter-campus subsidised bus link.

He wishes to restore a Liberations and Diversity officer at the next union review.

Access the full manifestos here, or see the candidates debating live at The Hustings, 12-4pm in The Hive.

By Oliver Treen