For the first time, this position has an all-female shortlist, meaning that for the third year in a row, the Sports Officer will be a woman. Incumbent officer Charlotte Peters is contested for office by Chanté Lee and Lauren Walker.


Chanté Lee

Chanté would like physio and first aid available for all home games, regardless of sport.

She would like equal publicity to allow each team personal coverage

She would implement “Give It A Go” videos so that potential players can learn ahead of team try-outs.

She calls for Wednesdays to be kept free for sports.

She would like to see an increase in provision for disability sports.

Chanté would also like to see a ‘Sports v Societies’ competition running throughout the year.

Finally, she would like to see open day sports workshops open to the public.


Charlotte Peters

Charlotte would like to see a majority of sports-brand sponsors to increase funds and equipment.

She pledges to continue her work on intramural leagues.

She would lobby the university to ensure sports provision for the new Bay Campus.

She would also lobby the university to follow through on its promise for use of Fairwood playing fields for sports, or request an equivalent space.

She would implement a supported handover period between sports committees to sort out essential elements such as kit and training.

Finally, she would work with clubs to get the most of of the new kit provider.


Lauren Walker

Lauren would like to introduce a Sport Swansea app, which would feature fixtures, results, cancellations and ‘team of the week’.

She would promote healthy lifestyle with fitness classes and a MyCostcutter salad bar.

She would like to mainstream sports in Refreshers Fayre.

She would promote coaching courses.

She calls for equal promotion of all Varsity sports.

She would introduce team offers at the university gym.

She would like to see easier access to, and regular use of Fairwood playing fields.

She would launch a campaign against discrimination in sports, and publicise facilities for disability sports.

She would offer reduced fees during training.

Finally, Lauren hopes to benchmark resources against Cardiff and other teams in BUCS (British Universities & Colleges Sport) and lobby the university for similar resources.]

Full manifestos can be accessed here.

By Laurence Atkinson