A group of self-proclaimed ‘vigilante students’ have established a new Facebook Page exposing some of the more controversial tweets of Presidential Candidate Harry Noden. Our source, who wishes to remain anonymous, wished to distance themselves from the earlier ‘Ask Noden’ smear campaign, stating that ‘its not smear if he’s published it itself…’ (sic), highlighting that all of the groups posts are taken directly from Noden’s own publicly visible Twitter account.



The profile picture of the ‘Harry Noden Tweets’ Page

The page, which can currently be found at, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Harry-Noden-Tweets/614132692014633, already contains a series of snapshots demonstrating some of Noden’s more controversial tweets.  In one, Noden warns a friend travelling to Africa, ‘don’t get raped too much #rape’.  Other racist and sexist tweets are evident on the page, one specifically targeting ‘Chinese students’ in the library.

harry tweets 1 harry tweets 2 harry tweets 3 harry tweets 4

harry tweets 5

The page, which already has 15 likes, poses a single question in its bio – ‘Is this Swansea University’s Students’ Union new president?’ Clearly there are those that believe in the light of Noden’s evidently insensitive attitudes toward certain issues that this should not be the case.

By Zoe Alford

Do you believe that this page is another smear campaign? Or do you feel that voting students are entitled to this information? We’d love to hear your comments!