I saw Where’s Wally for the first time at age seventeen at a bar just off Wind Street. Since then, although there has been a change in the line-up, their sound is still as strong as it was four years ago. I recently watched the band play a few weeks ago at The Vault, which is at the very bottom of The No Sign Wine Bar on Wind Street; and being an underground bar, it has a similar feel to the famous Cavern Club in Liverpool. Aside from quite literally being a cave, The Vault has live bands every Friday and Saturday and despite the confined space of the venue, there is always a brilliant atmosphere.

The three-piece band have a set list which mixes old and new, from The Monkees to Stereophonics. One of the most interesting things about Where’s Wally is that they take modern pop music, such as Jessie J and Lorde, and adapt the songs to fit their indie rock style. The band is also unique in the sense that they add variation to their songs by introducing reggae/ska riffs to their performance. Where’s Wally also do great covers of classic artists like Tom Petty, The Beatles and The Police, before bringing us back to the present day with contemporary rock songs by bands including Bastille and The White Stripes. Although the band members do not dress up in red-and-white stripy jumpers and thick-rimmed glasses, they make up for this disappointment by playing a show which is guaranteed to fit your taste.


                                                                                 The band, with not a stripy tee or scarf in sight.

Singer/guitarist Jack Fender mentioned that the current members of the band have played together for around two years, but he himself had been playing for a long time prior to then. As I have written before, I believe it’s important to support local music, and to support the creativity of the community in general. For this reason, it is refreshing to see young talent flourishing in a sphere dominated by older, more experienced musicians.

By Rhian Evans

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/whereswallyband