Food writer Verity Ockenden gives us her delicious recipe for spiced lime and honey rainbow trout: a good brain-booster for the exam period and rich in healthy Omega-3!

​This is an amazingly simple recipe, fish lending itself well to fast, easy and delicious dinners on account of how little time it takes to cook it. I bought the flavoursome rainbow trout in Tesco’s reduced section for a pittance but it was still in good shape so I gutted it quickly and shoved it in the freezer for a rainy day. Incidentally, it would seem that some people have entirely misunderstood the glory of the tidily contained miniature Arctic we have in our kitchens these days; a friend recently told me of her acquaintance who wastes so much ‘past it’s sell by date’ food that she throws it out even if it has been frozen… Sort it out!

Healthy doesn't have to mean bland!
Healthy doesn’t have to mean bland!

​Having defrosted my multicoloured beauty that morning and pondered a suitable recipe all day, I was still feeling uninspired when evening struck so I picked one key flavour decided for me because I had a lime that needed using up and built on that. Thus was born this gem of a recipe, it is so easy that I am almost ashamed to title it ‘a recipe’ but it tastes fantastic and the flavour of the trout is not overwhelmed despite the punchy spice rub. I would recommend serving it with some kale (my go-to green du jour) and perhaps a dollop of potato mash if you are feeling extraordinarily ravenous; a whole fish for one is quite filling. One rainbow trout Olive oil Five spice A lime Salt  Pepper  Honey Grated root ginger ​Pre-heat the oven to medium. Make a few incisions into each side of the fish. Place in the tray or dish you intend to cook it in. Squeeze two halves of a lime over it, quarter the remainders of the fruit’s skin and stuff it into the belly of the fish. Now take a couple of teaspoons full of five spice into your hands and rub the fish all over with it, along with a smattering of salt and pepper. Grate some root ginger over it and drizzle with a little honey and olive oil. The honey will make the skin delectably crispy, a part of the fish which I cringe to see people leave as it can be so tasty and is very nutritious. Stick it in the oven for about 20 minutes, turning it over at half-time. Judge for yourself if it is ready or not by the firmness if the flesh and the crispness and colour of the skin. It should flake apart when poked with a fork but not be rigid or curled at the edges. by Verity Ockenden