Last September, former education officer Zahid Raja introduced a scheme which aimed to revolutionise the way in which students can discuss their course. This year, the Subject Rep system is back, and with the deadline for nominations now extended until Wednesday (23rd October) at 12pm, there isn’t a better time to think about running.

If elected, a Subject Rep’s responsibility is to represent their course-mates and feed back to the university through a series of college-based committees. Incentives for this include a free t-shirt, hot drink upgrades in JC’s, access to exclusive social events, and, most crucially, employability training and certificates on your degree which can help to bolster your CV. Subjects Reps also have the opportunity to run for College Rep, whose responsibility it is to chair Subject Rep meetings, liaise with the SU and scrutinise the university and university level management. Incentives for this include a free hoodie, free use of an iPad for the year and a £300 bursary in addition to all the Subject Rep incentives.


A source from the SU department of Student Voice said that ‘Being a subject rep is a valuable contribution to both your own and others education, you can affect change far beyond your degree and it is beneficial in future employment.’ The source added that the deadline for nomination has been extended in order ‘to get full exposure and recruit as many willing students to participate.’

Nominations close on Wednesday at 12pm and you can stand in the election at

Voting opens on Thursday 24th October online 8am-8pm.

For more information, please email SU Student Voice and Campaigns Co-ordinator, Matthew Hurst at