Ever wonder what someone else was thinking? We’re giving you the chance to find out, with insights into the weird and wonderful minds on Swansea University campus. This month, we hear from a current SU Part-Time Officer.

When I was 12 I was lied to. Perhaps at the age of 12 I shouldn’t have been interested in my future and my CV, but with three much older siblings I found that I’d already planned the next 100 years of my life (obviously I was optimistic and planned on living forever). This meant that when my teacher told me that if I helped out at opening evenings I’d be able to include it in my CV, I jumped at the chance. As I got older (and slightly wiser) I realised I had been fooled; no employer cares about that. But my teacher was right about one thing – it’s not just the academics that impress.

I am a current PTO – Part Time Officer. To be more specific, I’m the Disabilities Officer and my job is to make sure that disabled students are treated equally. I get emails regarding all kinds of issues and then I do my best to see if I can alter things for the better; for example I’m currently looking into the feasibility of introducing a disabled sporting event at Varsity, which has generated a lot of interest. I’m also raising awareness about ‘invisible illnesses’, and helping to promote the note taker scheme. Ultimately I’m trying to make as much of a difference as I can whilst I hold this position, because I’ve always wanted to.

I’m not alone. There is a team of thirteen Part Time Officers and they all do amazing things. Currently there are nominations open for a few PTO positions and I really hope that you’ll consider running. Making a difference is incredible, I’ve had students hug me (because the note taking scheme is awesome and saves them a lot of worry!), and I also know that I can include this on my CV. It looks good and it feels good. You’ll also be part of the bigger picture – the Student’s Union. I learnt about the SU at the end of my first year and found out how much they actually do; they look after JC’s, My Costcutter, the Wonky Sheep, Divas, etc., and they make important decisions which affect us all. There are six Full Time officers who help us Part Time ones out and they are brilliant and hardworking! They are always willing to help and the SU is a massive part of student life, which they can relate all to as elected former students.

Editor’s Note: 

The positions up for election are Freshers’ Rep, Postgraduate Rep, Students with Caring Responsibilities Officer and Welsh Affairs Officer (Swyddog Materion Cymraeg).

Also up for election are positions for 4 NUS Wales conference delegates and 5 NUS UK conference delegates.

Nominations close at 12pm today (Thursday 17th of October),

For more information, or to enter yourself for nomination, please visit : http://www.swansea-union.co.uk/elections/