The lovely people at Waterstones on campus want to let us students know what’s worth reading. Why not check out their recommendation for this month and see what you think?

A Game of Thrones 

George R. R. Martin

Game of Thrones

“From start to finish this book is captivating, as is the entire ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ series. The characters in this book are never clear-cut; their allegiances are often ambiguous, as all the characters are involved in their own personal and political “games”. All of Martin’s characters induce multiple emotions from the reader.

“This book introduces the main characters of the series, and places them into the required environments for their future and political roles, for example Sansa Stark at Kings Landing. The series concerns a king who became such as he led a successful rebellion against the previous monarchy. However, his death splits the nations as many different Lords start multiple wars as they all feel that they should be the next king. These characters include the deceased kings “son”, his brothers, and the surviving children of the previous monarch.

“This book started the hit TV series, which is due to release season three this year!”