The end of days has been a topic for debate since… well, since someone interpreted the Mayan calendar as a prediction of the end of days. But we all knew it was never going to happen, at least not until the Christmas episode of Doctor Who.

Disappointed? Really? The build-up to this year’s apocalypse has to have been the world’s biggest anti-climax ever, but at least we got some decent laughs out of it. Residents of a tiny French village called Bugarach were banned from climbing a mountain where it was rumoured believers could be picked up and taken to safety by a UFO. A crazy Dutchman prepared for a deluge with a Norwegian lifeboat at his home 14 miles from the sea, telling press that he would know whether the apocalypse was happening because his goats would “start going weird”. And Justin Bieber was offered up as a human sacrifice. Again.

Of course the world couldn’t possibly end this year, because there’s far too much to look forward to in 2013. There’s the new series of Doctor Who, the new series of Sherlock, and a fantastic lack of Twilight films. Though saying that, I think we are going to have to deal with 50 Shades of Grey “in the flesh” so to speak. Not to mention what I’m guessing will be Simon Cowell’s desperate, last ditch attempt to resurrect the X-Factor into something more than a badly scripted episode of Glee.

Closer to home we have a score to settle at the Swansea vs. Cardiff Varsity match, and a hell of a lot of pressure on the SU to make the Summer Ball even better than the last one. Those bloody elections will come round again faster than you can blink. And Sin City, obviously, will always be at the top of any self-discerning Swansea student’s list.


Hopefully you’ll all have a fantastic break from university life and be ready when we get thrown back into the second term. I’m looking forward to it in the same way I look forward to a typical night out on Wind Street. It’s going to start well, I’ll enjoy most of it and see some interesting things, Smurfs included, along the way. I’ll get tired or feel ill and want to go home a couple of times, and eventually come out at the end with a headache and a large dent where my bank balance used to be.

Being festive

See this picture? This is my “I hate having my photo taken” face. But you can ignore that and just assume I’m overjoyed about having my photo taken in such a festive Christmas hat.

So don’t stress to much about those approaching exams/essay deadlines (see previous post by Zoe Alford), have a fab Christmas and New Year, and thank you all very much for reading the Siren. See you all in 2013!

By Roisin O’Connor