Greg Davies performed at Swansea Grand Theatre on the 16th October as part of his new tour, The Back of My Mum’s Head.

When I discovered that I was going to see Greg Davies perform stand up, my initial reaction was one of mild fear. Fear that one of my darkest secrets would be uncovered…

I don’t like ‘The Inbetweeners’. That’s not to say I hate it, I have just never understood what all the fuss was about. So as I headed to the Grand Theatre, I had slightly low expectations of the evening ahead and a feeling that I would be the only one sat there not laughing.

The support act for the show, Ed Gamble, kept the audience thoroughly entertained for half an hour before Davies came on stage. Although Gamble relied heavily on ‘I’m English and your Welsh, isn’t this hilarious?’ material, he soon came into his own and shared some fantastic anecdotes, the highlight of which being a story involving his dad and a ‘Danish Boog’.

Within 10 minutes of Davies walking on stage, all my scepticism about his ability as a stand-up was gone.  His hour and a half set was focused around the idea of his abnormalities. He began by telling the audience how, as a child, his mum would tell him “It’s not normal, love”, then turn and walk away any time Davies did something that ‘normal people’ don’t.

He then brought out his trusty whiteboard with a breakdown of the 8 topics he would be entertaining us with that evening, all incorporating his detachment from the world of sane people. This may sound strange, but when you know you have topics such as ‘Fun with a racist’ coming up, it does tend to hold your attention.

The thing that struck me most with the show was Davies’ ability to tell the most unbelievably far-fetched stories and make them sound 100% believable. His timing and attention to detail blended perfectly with his tales to make every one of them sound as if your best mate was telling them to you in the pub.

A particularly strange highlight of the performance was a fly that kept buzzing around the stage. Davies managed to turn such a trivial detail, which might have put some comedians of slightly (it was a very persistent fly), into a hilarious little routine in which he ran about the stage proclaiming “The Fly of the opera is here”. It was refreshing to see a stand-up whose observations were funny without being too over the top.

Despite a few musical pieces in the show that were quite underwhelming (Comical songs are something which I think are always very difficult to get right); Davies managed to provide an entertaining evening.

By Lucas Smith

Greg Davies is know for his performance as the psychotic Head of Sixth Form Mr Gilbert in The Inbetweeners. He has appeared on Never Mind The Buzzcocks and Live At The Apollo as a guest host. He has also made guest appearances on The Royal Variety Show, Mock The Week, Would I Lie To You?, and The Graham Norton Show (BBC One)