Well, the new term has arrived – bringing with it a fresh batch of students. Kim; a second year student studying for a BA in Language and Communication, wants to welcome them to the Siren Food & Drink section!

My aim for this blog is to bring you a review each month of different restaurants in and around the city of Swansea. I will strive to find unique places to dine that open up your options to new and exciting experiences, rather than the same old chain restaurants. As a student myself, I know that you’re looking for quality on a low budget, and I will definitely bear this in mind for my reviews. And don’t worry if you’re all spent out and can’t afford to visit fancy restaurants – I will also contribute some excellent recipe ideas that are simple enough for you to try out yourself. I’m going to get started now by letting you in on a secret…

Looking for somewhere to have a bite to eat after a hard day of studying? Want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the Uni campus? Take a trip into Swansea’s town centre – I have a favourite cafe there that I always go to after a hectic morning of lectures (or shopping). It’s called Gershwin’s Coffee House, and it’s situated opposite the Baskin Robbins ice cream shop, on Nelson Street. There is a row of cafes here, although this one is a cut above the rest. It has recently been awarded 5* by the Food Standards Agency (this means it’s definitely clean). It is worth noting that the toilet facilities aren’t the most modern, but are perfectly adequate. They are however situated upstairs, and are therefore not very accommodating towards wheelchair users. Asides from this, the wooden interior is decorated with green plants and is rather unique; it creates a warm and welcoming vibe. The staff are always very friendly and there’s no need to make a reservation, so don’t hesitate to pop in.

The menu has been updated very recently and is ideal whether you just want a cappuccino to recharge your batteries, a main meal, or just a light snack. You can opt for a greasy full English breakfast, a mountain of chips with cheese (my favourite), or perhaps the healthier options that are also available – such as jacket potatoes with a range of fillings, or salads and toasted sandwiches.

There’s a traditional style blackboard set against the brick wall that has different specials written on it daily (perfect if you’re in an indecisive mood). There’s also another blackboard that will certainly appeal to those of you with a sweet tooth: the dessert board. There’s always a mouth-watering selection for you to choose from, and these often vary depending on what the chef has freshly prepared that day. This pleasant and relaxing environment is the perfect place to sit and get working on that list of assignments slowly mounting up. I personally enjoy sitting by the window and gazing at the hoards of people who are there one minute and gone the next, the wonders of living in a busy city.

Gershwin’s Coffee House is a real gem, representing great value for money as the food and drink are all very well priced, especially for the high standard, and I for one can’t recommend it enough!

The cafe is open 8:30am-4:00pm Monday-Saturday. Feel free to let us know if you’ve tried Gershwin’s for yourself and what you thought, and be sure to call back for my blog next month!

By Kim Hughes