Hello and welcome to the Siren Food and Drink section! I’m Chris, the editor, and over the course of this blog I’m going to tell you about what to expect from this section in the coming weeks and months, and how you can interact with us and get involved. We’re a small but dedicated team of food lovers, ranging from those who know good food but can’t cook at all (me), to those who can cook and bake to near-perfection (the rest of the team!).

Very quickly, just a little about me. I’m a third-year Ancient History student from Fareham in Hampshire. My favourite sport is F1, my favourite food is bacon and my favourite drink is Guinness. I’m a committee member of the Fencing Club, which I joined at the beginning of last year having always wanted to fence. I also like reading, genuinely don’t mind studying occasionally – and I exercise just enough to allow a Domino’s pizza every Tuesday. I’ve been eating food since I was very young (after a monotonous liquid-diet comprising solely of milk) and haven’t looked back. Since then I have learned to appreciate the varying qualities of restaurant food, and hopefully can pass some knowledge onto you.

Now on to the section! Our team are determined to give you the best recipes and meal ideas for both students and the future celebrity chef. Expect a wide variety ranging from the quick and simple to the extravagant and exotic.

We’ll also be reviewing our favourite restaurants, cafes and bars in the Swansea area, from low to slightly higher price points. Don’t expect to learn anything about the chain restaurants lining up on Wind Street, we’re here for the local, independent gems that you might not have heard of or even consider.

On top of this we’ll also tell you all about great places to get excellent produce at excellent prices. There’s more to Swansea than the huge Tesco in the Marina, (or for those with money to burn, the Sainsbury’s round the corner). Swansea can offer you local food at great prices, you just need to know where to look. We’re here for the food connoisseur, those wishing to impress, those wanting an excellent meal with no expenditure of effort, and everyone else besides.

In this vein, we’d love for you to get involved. We’re open to any and all recipes–the only criteria being that they don’t cost a bomb to make and will taste great at the end. Check out the first recipes we’re posting onto the site to get a feel for what we’re looking for. We already have several submitted recipes from people outside the Siren setup which we’ll be posting soon, so get thinking! We’d also like to hear about your experiences. Have you also been to the café or restaurant that we’ve reviewed? What did you think? There’s a comment box under each article for you to tell us your thoughts. If you try one of the recipes then let us know how it went! Was it easy? Did it taste great? What did your friends think? We value your input and opinion, so don’t hesitate to let us know.

Our first recipe theme is ‘Food with Booze’, one we think is highly appropriate seeing as we’re currently all caught up in the madness of the start of term. Maybe you couldn’t quite finish off that bottle of wine or you lost your beer and got another only to find the old one in the morning. Now, you can put booze in your food (and I don’t mean vodka cereal). Check out our recipes and let us know how you get on. We look forward to hearing from you!

By Chris Woodward

Got an idea you want to contribute to the Food & Drink section? Drop Chris and the team an email at sirenswansea_food@hotmail.co.uk and let him know what’s on your mind/plate.