Ever wonder what someone else is thinking? We’ve been darting up and down campus all day to see how the candidates and their campaign teams feel the week has gone so you can find out what’s on their minds!

“There have been a lot of ups and downs but overall we’ve had brilliant feedback and there’s been a much more positive response from students in comparison to last year. They seem a lot more engaged.”

“Lots of tired people! The team has been fantastic and I think people have chosen their teams really well- each team has kept their candidate going. There’s been a bit too much of an issue with negative campaigning- people seem to be actively searching for things to be wrong with everyone’s campaigns, but other than that it’s been great and the candidates and campaign teams themselves are doing brilliantly.”

“I’m really encouraged by the number of people who put themselves up for positions. It shows how much people care about the Union and how they want to make a difference. It’s a really positive thing that’s been going on this week.”

“It’s been good to see such healthy competition- credit to the candidates that for each positition it should be a really close result. Door-knocking has seen so much positivity from students and it’s nice to see such a high turnout. I think the new Sports Officer position has had something to do with it.”

“This has probably been the closest campaign week ever. Everyone’s really in the game and doing their best. It demonstrates that Swansea has an active student voice.”

“I’ve never experienced campaign week and so being involved was both exciting and a little bit daunting. I’ve enjoyed the week: it’s been exhausting but we’ve had a great reaction.”

“It’s been a succesful week in terms of engaging students in the workings of the Union and giving them the chance to shape it. Online voting makes it much easier and more convenient for students to express their views.”

“We’ve had a fantastic response this week and all campaign teams seem to be having fun.”

“The student village in particular has been far more receptive than it was last year. Everyone who answered was interested and wanted to chat.”

“Weird and wonderful! Strange and exotic! The candidates in my section have been great- really honourable. Everyone’s been getting on really well.”

“I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the innovative campaigns that people have come up with.”

“The reaction from students has been the most positive I’ve ever experienced. It’s disappointing because between some teams it’s been a bit nasty but otherwise things have been great.”

“Having never been involved in campaigning before I’ve really enjoyed my experience, it’s been a lot of fun. A bit weird at times but definitely in a good way. It’s enabled me to see a new side of SU politics that’s rarely seen during the rest of the year and I’ve become much more aware of student politics and its mechanisms.”

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