Swansea University is thrilled with the news that it has been awarded the EcoCampus Silver Award in recognition of the work to improve the environmental performance of the University.

The University is currently celebrating its first ever sustainability month with a series of events, from a ‘Speed Seminar’ to a ‘Walk, Talk and Slurp’ lunch, cumulating in  the University joining thousands of other businesses and organisations around the globe in switching off their lights for Earth Hour.

The  “Speed Seminar – Researching Brighter Futures” event involves researchers pitching their research in ten minute slots covering innovation in subjects as diverse as renewable energy, environmental law, sustainable aquaculture and environmental management, while the ‘Walk, Talk and Slurp’ event includes a walk around the campus exploring the special botanical gardens, learning about the species and habitats that use the campus.

Previous events included the Sustainability Team working with the Students’ Union and other student groups on the “grow your own” project, “Eats, Shoots and Leaves” at the Hendrefoelan Student Village.

The project involves clearing ground, building raised flower beds and planting produce to create a “Secret Garden” so that students, current and future, can grow healthy produce close to home.

The University has been working towards the Silver Award since joining EcoCampus in November 2011 and was audited against both Bronze and Silver in February 2012 by the Nottingham-based EcoCampus team.

The University’s Sustainability Team will continue to aim to improve its environmental performance, with the target now set to achieve the Gold Award by Summer 2013, and the Platinum Award (the highest Award) by the end of 2013.