It’s the Siren’s second year of elections coverage! Campaign week kicked off yesterday at 6pm sharp with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and even new kid on the block Pinterest being bombarded by posters and slogans galore.

Speaking to students around campus, it seems that many feel that we should expect much more focus on social networks and online campaigning now the voting itself will be done entirely through online registration.

Ad Rennie, a student of History at Swansea University, was sure that this would be the case.

Asked if he thought online voting would change how candidates campaigned, he was certain we’d be seeing even more social networking than last year.

“It’s such a convenient way of getting the masses to understand your manifesto, it’s the be all and end all really,” he said.

He was less certain about the move to online voting as the only system, and expressed concern that some students would not make the effort to register their vote.

“I’m quite a lazy voter myself so if I could just get a bit of paper and tick a box I’d actually find that easier than going through the system of trying to remember what my password is and everything.”

Last year Elena Cresci discussed the possibility that candidates would spend far too much time e-campagning and not out speaking with real people. There is already evidence of some innovative campaigning methods, but it might not be what anyone was expecting.

One team managed to hang a banner up in a tree, while other campaign teams were spotted camping next to prime poster spots, ready for the 6pm start.

So how will you know who to vote for with so many posters everywhere? You can get to know the students running for positions at Quiz the Candidates, which starts today at 2.30pm in the Refectory.

Can’t make it? No worries, we’re liveblogging the event so you can read about it from the comfort of your own home!

The times for the individual hustings as follows:

2.30pm – International Officer

3pm – Welfare Officer

3.30pm – Education Officer

4pm – Women’s Officer

5pm – Societies and Services Officer

6pm – Sports Officer

6.45pm – President

Want to get involved with our liveblog? If you have a Twitter account, just tweet with the hashtag #swanseafto2012 during our liveblog of Quiz the Candidates today from 2.30pm. Not on Twitter? No problem, just leave us a comment on the blog itself!