Swansea University’s Athletic Union is home to forty-five sports clubs. Who would have thought such a vast range of sports is available to students at the university when we only hear of a handful?

A main issue that I have encountered throughout my time at the university, and which has been brought even further to my attention by being a committee member for the Archery Club, is that many sports within the AU are severely lacking in the support and recognition that they so thoroughly deserve.

Now don’t get me wrong, the sports which receive the most attention certainly deserve it. The men and women’s football frequently bring home BUCS points for the university, along with rugby, hockey and the various martial arts.

Despite this, there are many other teams that contribute to the ranking of the university within the BUCS league that do not receive nearly enough recognition. For instance, the archery club saw Jason Yiu take gold within the novice category, and Phill Dunn take bronze within experienced during the BUCS Indoor competition on the eighteenth of February.

As well as this, Karting places 15th out of fifty four universities within the British Karting Championships, the Athletics team brought home twenty BUCS points by achieving  gold and two bronze medals, as well as many more achieving high rankings within competitions in order to work up to the level to compete in the BUCS championships.

Achievements such as these NEED to be supported, encouraged and celebrated. At this moment, a ‘like’ on Facebook doesn’t quite cut it. The smaller clubs need more recognition as they are contributing to the success of the university within competitions on the same level as the bigger sports.

It is disheartening not to receive the praise which motivates team members to achieve these fantastic results. The hours of training put in by various sports needs to be celebrated. There is a massive amount of talented students within the AU which are lacking in the praise that they deserve.

We’d like to end with an open question, why are some clubs recognised yet others are all but ignored? Let us know what you think.