A Canadian musician, also known as Chilly Gonzales and best known for MC and electric albums, but also a dab hand at the piano, song-writing, and producing.


A bit of a musical prodigy. He started to teach himself piano when he was three years old,  and basically took it from there.

Sounds like…

An iPad commercial. Yep, that’s him. Also Metronomy, Philip Glass, and Bonobo- you’ll hear a similar sound to those guys as well.

Where can I listen?

Latest album came out in 2010. We recommend Solo Piano (2004) for revision time, since those clever people (scientists) are always telling you to listen to lyric-less music when you study. Solo Piano is great if you want to follow their advice but don’t fancy listening to anything too “classical”.


Good Bye, Lenin!


Daniel Brühl, Katrin Saß and Maria Simon. In case you hadn’t guessed, it’s a German film (with subtitles).


A tragicomedy, set in East Berlin before and after the rise of capitalism. Ariane (Maria Simon) is an ardent supporter of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany, and has a heart-attack when she sees her son Alex (Daniel Brühl) in an anti-government demonstration. Eight months later when she comes out of a coma, her doctor asserts that any shock might cause another, possibly fatal, heart attack. Alex realises that the discovery of recent events would be too much for her, and sets out to maintain the illusion that things are the same as before.

 Looks like…

You’ll be cringing a lot at the scene with the Coca Cola advert. (See film for more details.)


Snuff (Terry Pratchett)


Your favourite Commander of the Watch: Sam Vimes


In case you haven’t read anything by Terry Pratchett before (be ashamed if this is the case), Vimes is the Commander of the Watch (police) of Ankh Morpork city, on holiday in the countryside for a bit of peace and quiet. The problem is, there are quite a lot of bodies lying about.

Looks like…

He’s out of his jurisdiction and minus a decent bacon sandwich. This is a laugh-out-loud book for those struggling to find something to read they’ll really enjoy.


The Deadsets @ Sin City


A Swansea-based band launching their first gig at Sin (where else?) this very evening. It’s the 2nd of March, in case you weren’t concentrating.


A good gig, that’s what. Supported by the Phantom Light and Furious Sound.

How do I get in?

£3 or £5 on the door. Doors open at 7.30pm.