Lecturer put a 3000 word essay in lasagne, says student

ZANY lecturer Steve Vine put a 3000 word essay on the famous Gothic novel Dracula in a lasagne and ATE IT, claims Swansea University student Wren Trofta.

She said: “I was stunned and shocked. He ate my coursework.”

“It’s something HE said was justified. According to him it was because I didn’t attend a gig at Noah’s Yard to see his son’s band The Gents- which is compulsory for my course.”

Dracula: The subject of the coursework eaten by lecturer Steve Vine


The lasagne was allegedly cooked on campus in Café West, while staff stood by in confusion.

“I didn’t know he was putting coursework in it,” said one member of staff.

“To be honest we were a bit insulted- there’s nothing wrong with the lasagne we make but he insisted on making it himself. Now we know why!”

Cheesed-off: What the lasagne made by Steve Vine might have resembled

A university spokesperson was quick to reassure other lecturers at the university that the incident was not part of a radical new method of recycling.

“We do not expect lecturers to eat students’ coursework,” they said.

“This would be inconvenient for the students in question and potentially hazardous to any lecturers who might be allergic to the printer ink.”

It is unclear whether further action will be taken and what that action might be.