One of the best days of the year, in our opinion, because who doesn’t love pancakes? Check out some of our writer’s favourite recipes and have a go at making them for yourself!

Rachel Hodgson

My mam bought me one of those frying pans that are solely for cooking pancakes because they have a flip lid attached. Anyway I put too much batter in the pan and when I flipped it it leaked out of the sides and all over the electric cooker. When I eventually got the right amount of batter in the pan, I flipped the pancake successfully, only to have it slide out of the pan and onto the floor…

Pancake recipe (basic):

1 egg

50g plain flour

A dash of milk.


Sugar and mik



Chocolate spread

Golden syrup

Golden syrup and bacon

It all depends on what mood I’m in really- my favourite is nutella, you spread it across the entire one side of your pancake and then roll it up. Its amazing!

Sometimes I do mix the recipe up a bit and put cinnamon into my batter, it’s lovely. Although I enjoy putting cinnamon in everything if I’m honest…

Amber Caul

I went through a pancake phase when I was thirteen, and after spending a few weeks raiding my mother’s cupboard, this is what emerged: the multi-coloured pancake. It’s silly, simple and versatile, which is why it’s still one of my favourites. (Note: This batter is for small and thick American-style pancakes.)


4 oz plain flour

Pinch of salt

2 eggs

200 ml milk

50g butter

Handful of hundreds-and-thousands

Your choice of toppings


Sift the flour and salt into a bowl, making a well in the centre and cracking the eggs into it. Whisk in the milk before adding the hundreds-and-thousands and stirring again. Fry the butter on a high heat and carefully pour the mixture in the frying pan to form a thick, multi-coloured pancake. Ideally, serve with other childhood treats such as vanilla ice cream and a Cadbury’s flake.

Roisin O’Connor

Because most of my childhood holidays were in France, I had my first proper crêpe (traditional French pancakes) when I was about six or seven years old. Back then my favourite was a crêpe au chocolat, but now I’m very fond of the crêpe Normande, which is essentially a pancake smothered in calvados and then set on fire. You can’t go to Normandy without trying one!

For the crêpes:

250g flour

3 eggs

250ml milk

250ml water

2 dessert spoons of olive oil

pinch of salt

Sieve the flour into a large bowl. Make a well in the centre and add eggs and salt. Mix well. Whisk in milk and water. Add the oil and leave to stand, at room temperature for at least an hour.

For the filling:

40g butter

2 apples, chopped

40g caster sugar

1 dessert spoon of crème fraîche

6cl calvados


Melt the butter in a pan, add the apples and cook over a high heat. Add sugar and mix until dissolved before adding to the crêpes with a dollop of crème fraiche . 

Heat the calvados in a pan, pour over the crêpes and light a match to it!

So what do you think, are you going to try any of these beauties? Let us know how your day goes and how many pancakes you end up making!