The Boxer Rebellion


An “international indie band”, that formed in London in about 2001.


An example of one of the worst spates of bad luck for any one band. A burst appendix for singer Nathan Nicholson prevented a tour with The Killers, and the collapse of record label Poptones came two weeks after the release of their début EP. Luckily they seem to be back on track, appearing in the film “Going the Distance” as well as being on the official soundtrack.

Sounds like…

Cold War Kids, Tired Pony, The Stills, etc. Dark and mournful.

Where can I listen?

Their latest album Cold Stills came out in 2011.


Sense and Sensibilty


Kate Winslet, Tom Wilkinson, Emma Thompson, Hugh Grant, Alan Rickman, and Hugh Laurie.


One of many period dramas, but one that doesn’t take itself quite as seriously as Pride and Prejudice- Sense and Sensibility retains more of the humour and satire from the original Austen novels.

Looks like…

Alan Rickman is the new Mr Darcy.

Where can I watch?

It crops up on Film 4 every now and again, otherwise you can get a copy of the DVD from Amazon for about £3.


The Tiger’s Wife


Belgrade-born Téa Obreht’s first novel that made her the youngest-ever writer to win the Orange Prize for fiction.


Set in an unnamed Balkan country, both in the present and half a century ago, Obreht describes a young doctor’s relationship with her grandfather and the stories he tells her.

Looks like…

Obreht was completely deserving of the Orange Prize for a brilliant combination of vivid language and a fantastic plot.

 Where can I read it?

It’s currently on sale in Waterstones for for £4.79.


Jon Gomm @ The Garage


Jon Gomm, the singer-songwriter who got a shout-out from Stephen Fry. Should tell you something about how good he is.


Exactly what it says on the tin. He’s performing at The Garage on Saturday from 8pm, with support from James Stabler and Ben Eakins.

How do I get in?

£5 on the door, but it might be a good idea to book in advance.