Rachel Hodgson attended the debut gig of Swansea University’s very own ska band, Clusterfunk, at The Garage in Uplands. Read on to see what she made of them!

Comprised of nine members (three on horns, two on sax, one on keys, one on bass and the lead singer on guitar); Clusterfunk brought originality to the stage with all of their own songs- two of them were even sung in Yiddish! I managed to catch up with the band’s keyboard player (Dav) before the gig started to find out his thoughts on their very first performance. Although he looked a little apprehensive, (I can’t say I blame him), he was excited about the gig.

The band opened with a cover of “In the Hall of the Mountain King”, which both confused and excited the audience in equal measure. Whatever I expected of the band through my past experiences of seeing various ska bands live, it wasn’t for them to open up with a cover of a classic orchestral piece.

Having only been together for a couple of months the bands set list wasn’t very long. However what they lacked in quantity they more than made up for in quality. The band had an amazing amount of energy throughout their performance, an energy that inspired around thirty people onto the dance floor, with at least ten of them instigating a small mosh pit at the front of the stage.

Personally my favourite songs were the two that were sung in Yiddish as they had a similar kind of folk/ska character that the gypsy punk band Gogol Bordello. Regrettably since I don’t speak Yiddish they could have been singing about how they prefer cooking their eggs for all I know…

Although the temperature in the bar was something to be desired, although we were underground so I shouldn’t be surprised really, the night was excellent.

For any of you who missed the opportunity to see Clusterfunk, they’re playing again at The Garage on the 2nd March. Come along, bring your friends, and you can all help me search for their Tardis, as I was told they have one.