The Give It A Go event that occurred throughout Swansea University last week was part of a new entrepreneurial effort to get more students involved with some of the many extra-curricular activities on offer.

Designed with the idea of improving the students’ experience; Give It A Go week offered students the chance to get a first-hand experience of just some of the societies available. With around 46 out of the 90+ societies involved: from Sailing to Capoeira to Glee Club- there was something for everyone available last week.

Previously, the Refreshers Fayre would stand in the place of Give it a Go. Held in one of the dining rooms in Fulton House, the Refreshers Fayre gave students the opportunity to have another look at the societies open up to them and sign up for them if they do so wish. However according to the Give It A Go posters, “Refreshers Fayre isn’t normally very well attended [so] we thought this year we would try something new!”

The ‘something new’ turned out to a week packed full of fun events for all students. Many of the societies took on different approaches when it came to showing students what they were about. The Law Society offered students the chance to partake in “real life” Cluedo, and the Jiu Jitsu Society held a competition on February 5th, open to both current members and students who were there through Give It A Go. The competition gave students a chance to experience what competing is like and to put into practice everything they had learnt throughout the week.

“Jiu Jitsu’s Give It A Go week was a massive success,” said David Townsend (Club Captain). “We’d given the new people 1 week’s worth of training and on the following Sunday we had a ‘Give it a go’ Competition.

“Some people that had no experience in any marital art showed real skill, talent and fighting spirit. This Give It A Go week gave the club a opportunity to set up this in-house fight between its members. This meant that from complete novices to our younger graded members could have a feel for what it’s like to fight and prepare for our Jiu Jitsu Nationals coming up in two weeks time.”

Information regarding Give It A Go was highly accessible throughout the week, with a stall being in Fulton House every weekday to allow students the opportunity to sign up to societies that they wanted to try out. The advertisement designed for the event took on a more inspirational and evocative turn, with various quotes pinned up around the University representing different societies.

In my Lyrical Poetry lecture I noticed a poster pinned to one of the podium’s on the stage that read ‘In Wales, singing comes from two places the Valleys and the heart’, a quote from Welsh singer Katherine Jenkins used in advertising the Choral Society. Although the medium used to advertise was appealing; the fact that dying cats can sing better than me ultimately stopped me from attending.

I asked students what their thoughts were on the Give It A Go week and there was a unanimous belief that it was a good idea.

Alice, a first year English student thought that it was a good concept.

“It had been rammed at Fresher’s Fayre which made it difficult to have a look around,” she said. “This gives you a clear idea of what societies are available to students and enabled students to experience at their own leisure a society they were interested in, without having to go through the process of officially joining the society”

I attended the LGBT+ society during Give It A Go week and had a huge amount of fun partaking in both the pub quiz and the brief game of Countdown. I say brief because another team had won the numbers round before we even came close to the right answer. The Pub Quiz was enjoyable with competitiveness between teams running high. Sadly however since my general knowledge is minimal at best our team, with the ever original name ‘[Insert Name Here]’, came last with twenty points. I do however pride myself on getting the question, ‘What does the Russian word Sputnik translate to?’ correct. For any of our readers who haven’t seen that episode of Friends from Season 8, the answer is ‘satellite’.

To all those who attended Give It A Go week I hope you had as much fun as I did at your chosen society, and with any luck many of the societies that took part have gained a number of new members!