We have a whole lot of musical talent here at Swansea University, and we want it to be heard. We picked two acts and profiled them, so why not have a listen and see what you think?

Paddy Kelly



First Musical Memory

My dad’s a musician, so I’ve always been around music. Probably my earliest memory involving music is watching Singing in the Rain- Gene Kelly’s a big inspiration.


I got a drum kit when I was about nine and I’ve always loved singing. I had a guitar before I started the drums but I gave up for a bit because I only had tiny fingers when I wanted to learn to play, then picked it up again when I was about fifteen.

Musical Influences

I was thinking about this for a while, it comes up a lot. When I was younger my dad played a lot of blues and rock and soul bands. We used to listen to James Taylor, Sting, etc, but now I’m not really homed in on one particular type of music. I like commercial stuff, but then I also love musicians like Ray Charles, Jason Mraz and James Morrison.


Funky and uplifting! I’ve got some more emotional songs but if you’re doing live gigs you want to put your audience in a good mood, so I like playing stuff like Nina Simone and Ray Charles, as well as my own songs.


So far I’ve done a couple at Sin, supporting The Blanks and Ed Sheeran. Anywhere I can get my music heard really- pubs and clubs are good. I’m looking to do a couple of festivals- I might get to do Beach Break this year, and hopefully I’ll get my own gig at Sin City soon.

Plans for the Future

I’ve got a “to-do” list that’s about three pages long and is basically all about getting my music out there, doing videos, and photo-shoots, improving the website, etc. I’ve been working with Total Sound Solutions and a guy called Francis Darracott who’s worked with The Attic People, directing and filming one of their music videos. I’ve just about finished a live version of an EP that’ll be out soon, and another recorded one. For now I’m happy just doing what I’m doing.

Dream Collaboration?

Joe Brooks would be fantastic as we’ve got a similar kind of sound, and I think James Morrison would be cool to work with as well.

You can find Paddy on Facebook, or on his website: paddykelly.co.uk

The Attic People


A musical septet, often coined as sounding “folk-ish”.

Band members, ages and instruments

Anthony Dodwell, 22, guitars and bit of everything

Katie White, 22, acoustic guitar/clarinet/vocals

Kareni Lowes, 21, accordion/mandolin/vocals/guitar/synth

Crystal Powell, 21, vocals and percussion

Alice Williams, 22, Cello/ukulele/vocals.

Suvi Pouttu, 21, djembe drum and percussion

Alex Skrzynski, 21, double bass/ukulele

How they met

It started growing after an evening at Mozartz- Katie showed me some of her lyrics and we started experimenting. I joined the band she was in at the time (The Burrow Owls) for a gig at The Vault. After the show we got talking to some lovely ladies who are also on our course at uni who said they’d love to get involved…so then came Alice, Kareni & Suvi. (Suvi later added the djembe drum to the mix.) At an event at Mozartz called Skye we were introduced to Steve.

Our friend Jaime was doing a post-gig DJ set list and they got talking about music, so when Steve mention he played piano, Jaime kindly introduced us and we decided he should come see us practice. After a few practices, things were going well, and we went to Milkwood Jam to do our first live open mic. Friends came to watch with other friends, among them was Anton who said he could play guitar, and of course this meant that he had to come to practice as well.

Everyone seems to be good at picking up others instruments and making them fit in with the sound, so it allows us to vary what we do within the band. Recently, Alex has joined the band bringing the much needed bass sound while added a variety of rhythms on the ukulele.


We first performed at Milkwood Jam. Since then we have played regularly for the monthly event at Mozart’s called Skye! It’s an excellent event that introduces Swansea to all the best folk and alternative bands on the Welsh circuit. We’ve also played for the Swansea Uni Summer ball and at gigs in Cardiff and Newport. We have two gigs coming up, one at Mozart’s on the 26th and one supporting John Adams from the X-Factor on the 29th in Swansea.

Plans for the future

It’ll be interesting to see what happens, but at the moment we’re just concentrating on our degrees.

You can listen to some of The Attic People’s music here, or check out their Facebook page