The romantic side of the Jägerbomb. 

So you’re out and about on the dance-floor when a certain young man or lady catches your eye. You head over, and offer them a drink. They accept, and you hit the bar together.

“What would you like?” you ask. “Perhaps a nice glass of wine, or a vodka and coke? A cold pint for you sir?” No, no.

“We’ll have two Jägerbombs.”

 I’ve often wondered if there’s something in the Jägerbomb- like some form of aphrodisiac, or an ancient ingredient that casts a cupid-style spell on the drinker.

In fact, the Jägerbomb actually has two main ingredients – Jägermeister, or some cheap form, and Red Bull, or an alternative. Let’s analyse them…


  1. Hyssop: a herb that causes fatal convulsions in rats. Perhaps you’re showing your brute strength at surviving it? It’s also used as a remedy for lung conditions – basically evening out that cheeky smoke you just had.
  2. Bitter orange – a herb which can help in appetite suppression, which might help when you decide you don’t want to scarf down the normal cheesy chips/kebab after a night out in front whoever you’re trying to impress.

Red Bull

  1. Red Bull contains about the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee, as well as glucose and taurine. The combination of ingredients provides a stimulant that can compensate for the depressive effects of alcohol and keep you going through the night.

So the Jägerbomb  might not be perfect in its chemical composition, but if you really want to test your mate with a downing competition with stuff that would kill a rat – it’s just the thing for you!

More interesting facts about Jäger!

– Jäger is the German word for “hunter”.

– The original version is composed from a total of 56 different herbs and spices.

– In Germany it is sometimes humorously referred to as “liver glue”.

– According to an urban legend, Jägermeister contains deer or elk blood!