A Swansea University student was arrested on Tuesday 11th January following an assault on a 67-year-old man who suffered injuries to his hand.

The student in question was a 24-year-old woman sitting an exam in Business Studies in the Sports Hall, while the man was working as an invigilator. The incident occurred on Tuesday afternoon at around 3pm.

Rae Workman, 20, is a student of Business Management and was in the Sports Hall sitting her exam.

“I heard a bit of a commotion although the girl in question was sat quite a way from me,” she said. “At first I thought she’d fainted and the invigilator was helping her out from her desk to get her outside, but then it became apparent she was putting up a struggle. The invigilator was pulling her and she was trying to wrestle him off, though I couldn’t tell if he was injured during this time.”

When asked whether other students noticed what was happening, she explained how many were distracted from their exams when they realised something was wrong.

“The incident did cause some disruption to those sat close by and people were distracted by what was happening.”

Another student who wished to remain anonymous was also in the exam at the time. He described what he saw from a short distance away.

“I saw that the adjudicator was standing around her [the student] for a while and then caught her when she started looking at her notes. He tried to take the notes from her but she wouldn’t let them go.

“I didn’t see her physically attack him or anything but the invigilator called another guy over and they basically had to drag her out of the hall because she was so insistent on staying.”

Swansea University declined to comment but South Wales Police confirmed an arrest had been made after and a woman had been released on police bail pending an inquiry.

A South Wales Police spokesperson said: “A 24-year-old woman was arrested on suspicion of assault following an incident at Swansea University sports hall at around 3pm.”

A university spokesperson said: “The alleged incident is currently the subject of a police investigation and it would be inappropriate for the university to comment further.”

Allegedly the student was caught cheating and put up a struggle, both when the invigilator attempted to take her notes, and when he tried to remove her from the exam hall.