Our secret bartender isn’t afraid of a little hard work. Even when it’s quiet, they’re taking the initiative to keep themselves busy. Find out what they get up to while they’re not serving drinks.

Lately, it’s been nothing but slow starts behind the bar, and us bartenders get bored without a customer or two to serve. So to keep ourselves occupied, there are a few things we do before you all arrive.

1. Clean furiously. Seriously, even the toothbrushes come out at this stage as we try to get Jager out of every crevice possible. Fridge doors are wiped clean of smears, and the underside of the bar is blitzed until it looks close to being as good as new as we can get it.

2. We invent games. One day, my bar-tending friends and I will write a book about all the games we’ve played and invented, like skittles with the glasses and ice, but until then, they’ll stay reasonably under wraps. After all, I want you to buy the book when we’re published.

3. We send our requests to the DJ. I’ve usually got one or two tunes I want to hear through the night, and the quiet moments are the best time to get the request to the DJ. Whether or not they get played is another issue – my music taste isn’t renown as particularly good, but I can’t be the only Olly Murs fan out there…

With these three things in mind; the short time before the floor fills up passes quickly. And then we can spend the rest of the hours wishing we hadn’t wished it away.