Ever wondered what someone else is thinking? We’re finding someone each month to tell us what they think about, and this month it’s The Biologist.

I heard my housemate having sex last night.

Oddly enough, my lecture the next morning involved a case study where the example from the experiment was on libido and Viagra. Have you ever heard of frog lekking? I hadn’t until that morning, when I found that male frogs apparently like to hang out in groups in a kind of arena on the lookout for a girlfriend. Our lecturer compared this to a pub where a group of guys will wear tight t-shirts and puff their chests out in an attempt to attract the nearest female.

What is it about students and sex? I went out on a social the other night and we ended up playing a typical round of “Never Have I Ever”. If you haven’t come across this game, I’ll explain. All you need is alcohol and a good group of people. You take it in turns to say “Never have I ever…” and finish the sentence with whatever you like, for example, “Never have I ever thrown up on another human being”.

If you have done this particular thing then you have to drink whatever’s in your glass. In my experience, the questions always seem to revolve around the sex lives of the people involved. On this particular social we were asked about the location of sexual exploits, if we’d ever been heard having sex, odd situations, etc. You get the idea.

In biology, as you may have already guessed, you learn some strange things about sexual behaviour, and not just with humans. Last year we learned about the sexual dimorphism of ducks. The male will have brightly coloured feathers to try and attract the lady duck. Sound familiar? I for one have definitely seen some very odd outfit choices on Wind Street.

When you come to university, people appear to be much more casual when it comes to sex. This doesn’t necessarily mean the act itself either. Sex as a topic is a huge thing with students. It’s in the films we watch, the songs we listen to, and the drinking games we play. University is about meeting new people and finding out about yourself, so there’s nothing wrong with having a bit of fun.

In the words of JLS, Just Love Safe.