Afternoon, all! By now, your hangovers will be slowly fading, but the constant need for food still ongoing as you face the insatiable hunger of hangover day. Lately, I’ve been watching you all fall in and out of love on the dance floor and in the toilets. Whilst there are some of you who insist on by-the-bar tongue action, most reserve this for the floor, which is equally hilarious.

Of course the best way to gain the attention of that special someone is by dancing heroically in front of them, as one girl did just last week. Us bartenders had a good giggle as she did the standard hair flicks and killer Shakira shakes, but half an hour later, they were cosying up and that was all before midnight.

Fancy dress socials and birthday parties also make for a great show, as I learnt last week when pirates were atop one another all over the place. Smudged make up is never a good look on the walk of shame home, girls, nor is fancy dress – be warned!

But breaking up is just as hard as making up is easy, as the drama in toilets reveals. Many a time have I popped down only to hear girls in distress because he didn’t text back, or he ended it, or worse, he’s got with someone else. Alcohol only makes things worse, and if you’re anything like me, you regret the overreaction to it in the morning.

Every now and then we get a gem of a relationship that happened from a night out. But normally, they end in tears in the same club, so boys and girls, just blame it on the boogy.