Ever wondered what someone else is thinking? In a brand new feature for The Siren, we’re finding someone each month to tell us what they think about. And for the first post, we’re letting you have an insight into the mind of a Fresher! 

Swansea has everything. It has a fantastic University, Wind Street, and a beach.  It is the absolute ideal location to spend three years (or more) of your life. Fresher’s week gives us the chance to experience all of this. Fresh and Free, Freshbook and the School Disco were all pivotal social highlights as many met friends they will keep for life, or simply met people they will spend the next three years avoiding.

What is also important however; is not to be afraid to take things as they come.  Some friends you meet will be made on the first day, others in third year.  Just because everyone around you seems to have friends or instantly make friends does not mean they are in any better position than you.  Socialising can be the most awkward and difficult part about their entire university life, yet it can be the friends made who make university so amazing.  Some people feel compelled to fall into any social group available while others are more reluctant to mix with anyone who they do not feel instantly at ease with, or feel will be their friend for a long time.  Some people are cautious and do not like that first conversation with people.

So what is the solution? Speak to as many people as you can. Some you will like; some you will not.  This is only natural.  Some people find it harder to find those similar to themselves, others do it with ease.  The truth is, there are so many people feeling just the same as you.  You may find them in the coming weeks as societies develop or maybe on Wind Street in the small hours.  Maybe you will meet them in the queue for lunch or for the cashpoint.  Maybe they will be similar to you, maybe the opposite.  The only thing is don’t give up.  Thousands of students can’t see a future after the first few weeks, and graduate wondering how they got through the first few weeks, but you do and you will.

Everyone comes to university with different aims and different expectations.  If at first the reality does not match these, it can be hard to adapt and adjust.  University is the chance of great opportunities, but remember you have three years and you do not have to do everything instantly.  The easiest thing to do is just take things as they come and not compare to anyone else.  Keep an open mind for you are sure to regret the things you don’t do far more than those which you do.  Everyone’s life is unique; the only challenge is to live your own.

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