With a long-burning passion for welfare, Charlotte Britton is more than just bin bags. Britton’s remit covers student housing, student parents and food and health issues, all of which she’s working hard to improve over the year.

After ordering the various condoms, Britton has been hard at work representing the SU to the community through street cleans whilst working with the council on recycling booklets and information. Her previous experience in the community and housing executive role has proved useful as she tackles the 500 responses from the Rate Your Landlord campaign that continues over the next few months, and plans for the housing advice week, due to be held at the end of January. The focus for this event will be directly related to the report once the responses of the campaign have been collated, again making sure the information and advice students are given is what they need.

Healthy eating has made its way to the top of Britton’s agenda too, as she has secured the University’s commitment to gaining the bronze award from the Soil Association in food standards. Expect to see more organic, local and seasonal fruit and veg with your meal, as well as higher standard welfare meat.

Britton has also been working hard on student parent issues, which she is passionate about. She said: “I’ve secured separate baby changing facilities for student parents in Fulton House, and worked on improving the ways we communicate with them.”

Look out for much more from Charlotte Britton and her band of merry part-time executives, and if you’d like to work with her, the executive role of Students with Caring Responsibilities will be opening for by-election soon!