Here at The Siren, we think it’s important for you to know as much as possible about Your Union and how it works for you. So Becca Taylor set off to talk to each of your elected full time officers and catch up on what they’d been doing with their summers. Today we have Women’s Officer Eleri Jones.

As the only Women’s Officer in any Welsh SU, Eleri Jones has a broad and challenging remit. It is her job to represent women across all spectrums of the Union, as well as LGBT+ members, BME students and students with disabilities. As such, she has several part-time officers to help her fulfil her remit and achieve as full a representation as possible.

For Jones, the summer began successfully with her campaign to save the women’s centre. After rallying support from local MPs and council members, and organising a fundraiser, she was able to secure funding for another year and ensure women have the space to use when they need it.

Jones has also ensured that we are now a Zero Tolerance Union, and you’ll see the campaign for this around campus now. Jones is passionate about seeing an end to sexual harassment, and believes it is key that we create nights out and events that are free from the problems many women face in bars and clubs. All related staff have been trained to deal with issues of sexual harassment and if any student feels they have problems, they must approach a member of Union staff as soon as possible.

Over the summer, Jones has also rebranded the women’s society to the women’s initiative, and plans to utilise it at events locally and nationally to work towards to new goals and plans of the initiative. On a personal level, Jones has received a lot of training over the summer with regards to feminism, such as the UK Feminista Summer School and NUS hosted events, which will help her set her goals into motion.

                                              Eleri, far right, at a pro-choice campaign.