Here at The Siren, we think it’s important for you to know as much as possible about Your Union and how it works for you. So Becca Taylor set off to talk to each of your elected full time officers and catch up on what they’d been doing with their summers. Today we have Education Officer Rhiannon Hedge.

Rhiannon Hedge set herself a big task when she decided to ‘revolutionise’ the course-rep system here at Swansea University. However, after a good summer, she looks right on track for making this a reality.

The day I spoke with her, Hedge was heading off to a meeting where she would be presenting a paper to the Learning and Teaching Committee. This paper detailed the new course rep structure she and Luke James proposed on behalf of the SU, introducing college reps into the scheme to help undergraduate and postgraduate worries and concerns filter up the system with greater ease. Speaking afterwards, James described the meeting as “difficult, but successful”.

Hedge is also concerned with employability rates, as Swansea currently sits at 89th out of 113 Universities for employability levels. Thanks to the work of Raechel Mattey in this SU and now NUS, we’ve become a pilot Union for a new accreditation scheme which will see students’ extracurricular activities such as course rep work or society committee work, gain a bronze, silver or gold award recognised by the University. Rhiannon is the lead officer responsible for coordinating the award in Swansea.

Hedge’s summer work has included co-ordinating with Tom over subject society support, such as a subject society book fayre in the marquee and negotiating society space for specific departments. Hedge is keen to keep subject societies close as they will be key to uncovering problems and issues in departments. She noted that those departments that came out the best in the NSS over the summer are those with strong society to department links.

Hedge is making quiet but confident steps in her work, which looks set to change much about the way the University interacts with its students.