…well hello there! It’s true, we haven’t been around for a little while, but now the UCAS results are in, we’re back to provide all the commentary you could want from our ugly, lovely University. September sees a whole host of new faces and personalities join us at Singleton Campus… namely, the Freshers. You guys have a hell of a few years ahead of you, so we thought you deserved a proper Swansea welcome from our Swansea veteran, Becca Taylor. Here are just some of the things you can look forward to when arriving in Swansea…

‘Congratulations: your place at Swansea University to study the ultimate student experience has been confirmed!’

Okay, that might not be exactly what was written on your UCAS email, but it’ll be what you find when you unpack your bags for the first time in digs on September 23rd.

So what can you expect from Swansea?

In the first few weeks there’ll be loads to do, and not much time to do it all! Swansea Students’ Union events will be a must-do, but don’t worry if you can’t get to every Freshers event. The Freshers’ Fayre is vital though- taking place on Fulton house lawn on the 28th and 29th of September, it’s your one stop shop for great discount vouchers, joining societies and sports clubs, and meeting those who run your Students’ Union.

Brand new this year is the Life Skills Workshop taking place on the 30th of September, presented by Tom Upton and Charlotte Britton, full-time officers of the SU. Talking to The Siren, Tom explained what it’s all about: “The event will include a live cooking demonstration focusing on cheap and easy-to-prepare meals, with other activities including a duvet fitting race! It will also be broadcast live by our very own radio station Xtreme Radio and whilst aimed at new students, all students are welcome to attend.”

So what does Swansea have to offer? The beach is a quick walk across the road from campus, making it the best excuse for procrastination at any time of the year. For the more adventurous (or just those with a car) the beautiful Gower beaches are another cheeky reason to avoid revision come summer exams. There is rarely a night in Swansea where you won’t find something to do. Sundays to Saturdays there is always something going on, from the sweaty depths of Sin City to the more refined offerings of the Taliesin on campus or the Grand National Theatre in town. Student prices are everywhere, with discounts on everything from drinks on a Wednesday night in Wind Street, to cheap cinema deals and further discounts in shops and restaurants.

Apart from the reasoning of “my mother doesn’t live here”, third year student Edward Prentice credited his friends as the main reason he loves Swansea. “Swansea is what we all have in common”, he said, adding his friends at university will be his friends for life. Meanwhile, Ryan Davies summed the experience of many students when he said, “I love Swansea because there are drinks offers nearly every night and I’m an alcoholic.”

Final year student Danielle Hamlyn perfectly encompassed the laid back approached to life Swansea gives: “I love the fact that we are so close to the beach so in the summer we can run across the road and relax in the sun or just chill out on Fulton House lawns with a Southern Comfort and lemonade, pretending not to have any lectures.”

So now you’ve been given the virtual tour, congratulations are in order on making a great choice to join us at Swansea University this coming September. Don’t be nervous, you’ll make friends quicker than you expect, and home will seem like a distant memory when you stuck in to student life. If you’re a budding journo-type, The Siren would love to hear from you! Contact us via e-mail, on our Facebook page or via Twitter, we’re all ears!