After some technical delays in getting our hands on the video content, we can finally present to you a few more of our Summer Ball interviews with the artists backstage at Swansea University’s main Summer event. First up are musical comedy duo Frisky and Mannish, who put in an excellent show at the main tent early in the evening. In our wanderings after the interview, we came across a fair few people who were looking forward to seeing their set, and they didn’t disappoint. Bursting with energy, charisma and satire, no popular musical figure was safe, from past Summer Ball act Florence and the Machine to Cheryl Cole. As far as these two are concerned, everyone’s fair game! While the tent wasn’t at its fullest during their performance, it certainly enticed many a Swansea student away from the bars (quite the feat!), and everyone who was there seemed to fully enjoy their vaudevillian cabaret musical sketches.

Our verdict? Lovely people, hilarious act, and we’d like to see them back in Swansea soon please!

Check out more from Frisky and Mannish at their website, and you can also follow them on Twitter here!