Have you ever written something and then had the chance to see it being performed live in front of your eyes?

I have! Throughout my course I’ve known I’m a script writer; I don’t do poetry and I can’t describe life using flowery sentences. That’s just not how it is. So last week was certainly one of the best experiences of my life, seeing my work come to life.  Every year, the script writers of my MA course  get the chance to see 10 minute extracts of their work performed by one of Swansea’s own professional theatre companies.

Unfortunately I missed the first night due to the Summer Ball but I’m told my piece had a great reception. The second night, my parents insisted that they come as well as my aunties, sister and cousin – ie my fan club. I was nervous and it didn’t help that my dad turned on his “embarrassing dad” mode. He waved and spoke to my friends and said some rather cringe worthy comments which I shall not repeat here, in between constantly asking if he could take photos, even though it was common knowledge that you weren’t allowed.

Our script writing tutor D.J. Britton did a wonderful job in condensing our scripts into 10 minutes – no easy feat! I have to say, watching everyone’s work come to life was amazing itself. But getting the perfect reactions from the audience to my own work is just…wow. My script wasn’t at all serious and the actors played each part to perfection. Even though it was my own work, I found myself laughing at each joke whether out of sheer embarrassment or the fact that the actors made the characters their own. At the end of the play, aptly titled “Rough Diamonds”, my dad ruffled my hair and then added,

“Where did you learn all those swear words..?”

“Dad, where did you send me to school again?”


“There we go.”

I just want to say a big thank you to The Dylan Thomas Centre, the Ffluelyn Theatre Company, D.J. Britton, Nigel Jenkins, Jon Gower and of course Stevie Davies for making everything possible and also to the writers on my course…you guys are amazing!