As I write this, I’m on the brink of beginning to get ready for the Summer Ball, dress hanging up, lipstick on hand and a debate about earrings an inevitability later on. This will be my fourth, and, most probably, final Summer Ball. As far as we final year bluesers are concerned, this is pretty much our final send-off before graduation.  It’s a bittersweet event; throughout today I’ll be celebrating with some of my closest friends, but all the while knowing this may be the last time I actually see some of them.

With the lovely Cat van Doorn at 2009's Summer Ball

For me, the Summer Balls have got better and better with each passing academic year. At my first ever Summer Ball, spent with the crew from floor five of Preseli, we got absolutely drenched watching The Wombats, back when there were no tents to shelter us at the event. Possibly my biggest regret from my first year was leaving before The Vengaboys played, truly an error. My second was spent mostly with my Jiu-Jitsu pals and was the year Feeder made me cry by playing “Just the Way I’m Feeling” as I faced the prospect of heading to Germany and missing out on this magic for nine months. I was lucky enough to be able to attend last year’s Summer Ball, which included an unforgettable performance by Florence and the Machine. Shoving my heels into the arms of a friend, two of us pushed and jostled our way to the front, standing in amongst crowds of pretty dresses and tuxes, screaming along to “Dog Days Are Over” as loud as we could.

These are the memories which make your time at university, and these are just some of the ones which have made mine. I’ve been unbelievably fortunate to have attended every single Summer Ball since my days as a Fresher, and I won’t be forgetting any of my experiences anytime soon.

Truthfully, I’m leaving behind some of the best friends I could ever have had here at Swansea. There are those of you reading this who have joined me in some of the best nights out I’ve ever had and there are others who have been there for me when things haven’t been the best. Whether I’ve been up or down, my friends here have always been there for me through the good times and through the more difficult ones. Rest assured, and I hope you know who you are, I love you all to bits, and I’ll be hard pushed not to get teary later tonight.

So whether this is your first or your last time at the Summer Ball – just get onto campus and enjoy yourself! I’ll see you on the Abbey Meadow…