Ah ha, you know what it is, hot and sticky, hot and sticky, hot and sticky, hot and sticky… We almost wish we were joking but anyone and everyone knows just what the inside of Sin City looks like, especially on a Thursday night.  And Thursday nights only mean one thing in our ugly, lovely town: SIN SAVERS!  Sammy Siddique tells us why she voted for Sin City as NME’s Britain’s Best Small Venue…

‘Twas the night before Friday and the students were getting ready, still hung over from Wednesday’s epic Wind Street lash no doubt.  Boys shall wear trainers and girls decide on whether to wear pumps or brave the heels for another night, for there is no dress code in our beloved Sin City.  The place, you will agree, forms its own climate on Thursdays.  The ceilings will inevitably drip sweat on you, and yes, you may stick to the floor here and there and yes, sometimes it takes a while to be served but ’tis a night of non-stop anthems where house mates, course mates and total strangers will come together to sing and dance along.  This is the place to be on a Thursday and you know it.  I mean why bother going elsewhere when you’re destined for a great night?  But what is it about Sin City that makes us love it so much?  Firstly you may have noticed that the drink prices are insanely appealing, the price to get in is cheap as chips and there is not only one room full of anthems old and new but also a room upstairs playing the greatest golden oldies.  You really haven’t witnessed a proper night out until you have the entire room copying the same dance move to the Ghostbusters’ theme tune and Thriller.  Like any great small venue, intimate gigs are the best.  To date, I’ve seen Pendulum, Scratch Perverts, Mr. Scruff and many others (who can forget Ted from Scrubs’ band The Blanks) perform in Sin City and as always the atmosphere during is incredible even though the space may seem to small to fit hundreds of people.  We’ve even had a cheeky review of such a gig.

We love Sin City, yes we do

I’ve had my fair share of Sin Savers nights with my friends over the last four years, mainly involving dressing up for birthdays such as say, Minnie Mouse or Danger Mouse’s sidekick Penfold and I can honestly say I don’t regret a single thing about any of those nights when I look back at all the sweaty fun had in those pictures with my starting to frizz due to the humidity.  There will be a time when a fresher will witness or become involved in this sacred tradition of looking like an utter idiot for one night (more than usual) and there are so many themes to go with – Cops & Robbers and Superheroes are amongst the most popular.  Of course, this practice isn’t that strange, students around the country right now are surely getting ready for their own nights out dressing up to their heart’s content.  If you didn’t already know, Sin City has been nominated as part of NME’s “Vote for Britain’s Best Small Venue” and if you’ve looked back at your own pictures from various Thursdays and they bring a smile to your face then get voting!  It literally takes two seconds to vote for Sin City (of course) and the voting closes TOMORROW and we don’t want Cardiff to win do we?  The winner will be announced June 14th, so fingers crossed in the hope that our ugly, lovely (and now yellow) small venue will be crowned Britain’s Best.

We’ll be heading to the City of Sin tonight, so watch out for us at the final Sin Savers of the year… aside from Sindependence Day on Saturday that is!

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