Some of you may have seen the event Tri-atha-swan pop up on your Facebook feeds. Beginning at 10 o clock tomorrow morning, three Swansea students will be embarking on quite the mission, completing a triathalon in aid of Cancer Research UK. Elena Cresci took a closer look…

I certainly don’t envy the task Simmo Simmons, Richard Howson and Michael Lismore have ahead of them tomorrow morning. Bright and early, they’ll respectively be running, cycling or swimming their way from Swansea Harbour to Mumbles Pier. Money raised via sponsorship will go towards Cancer Research UK, a charity whose work was praised as “ever important” by Lismore.

Those on land will be passing campus itself on their way to Mumbles Harbour, with Simmons completing a 10km cycle circuit and Howson enduring a 10km run. Meanwhile, Lismore will be completing the aquatic stage of the event, swimming 6.5km from the end of the Harbour, and along the familiar U-shape of Swansea Bay’s beach.

Lismore was incredibly positive about the difference the money raised would make to the charity, saying: “Breast cancer is an ever-growing problem that affects 1000s of people each year and in 2008 alone, over 12,000 people died from the illness. Although the three of us may not be able to raise hundreds of thousands pounds, we are part of 1000s of other smalls groups whose combined contribution will add up and be put towards funding the research required to help treat and cure the illness and support those that suffer from it.”

We're liking the boys' preperation tactics

The boys aim to raise £300 for Cancer Research UK with their athletic endeavours; we here at The Siren love a charitable cause or two, so we strongly suggest you throw a few pounds their way. If every one of our 79 fans on Facebook donate a pound, that’ll be about £80 for the Tri-ath-a-swan fund! So go on readers, get donating, and if you want to cheer the fellas on, they’ll be heading from the Harbour at 10 am tomorrow, or at least buy them a pint later for their efforts!

There are plenty of ways you can donate, either by adding a dash of spare change in the collection boxes situated around the Union, including the Ents office and JCs or directly through their donation site.

On behalf of everyone here at The Siren, we’d like to wish the boys the best of luck!