“We are Premier League, say we are Premier League!”   Now I’m not the biggest football fan so I can’t really explain all the technical stuff I watched but in any case there were at least over fifty people in JC’s on Monday and it was mental.  There is a rare phenomenon that occurs when watching sports and it’s that everyone experiences the same momentary reaction and feeling at the same time.  The room was one, holding its breath or gasping dramatically at the possibility of another goal.  When I watch sport with anyone, I always find myself getting right in to the action and joining in.  Due to it being on a Bank Holiday I also received some visiting friends that had graduated last year with me.  Eventually we convinced them to stay for the night so we could celebrate going up.  We didn’t celebrate straight away though, food shopping for the week had to be done as did finding clothes that best represented the Swans’ colours (black and white).

I know, I know…  I should have been be doing work and yes I am a bad student, but c’mon!  It was an acceptable excuse to kick back and relax for one day… and night.  Unfortunately fellow editor Elena Cresci had to work but she was sorely missed!  Now where as I found something suitable to wear colour wise, my housemate decided to wear a blue top… tut, Reading colours.  Oceana for a Monday was indeed quiet if you were there, it was a bit of a disappointment that only the Ice House was open but nonetheless I have never seen such a happy ‘I Love Mondays’.  Anytime a chant would start up, the foundations of the club would literally start shaking from the crashes of stomping feet and booming voices.  I didn’t actually have any idea that the players joined the celebrations in the V-suite until near the end of the night when the DJ had played his last tune and I saw everybody looking up and shouting a chant en-masse.  Of course I went to see what the fuss was about and who did I see looking down over the balcony other than Darren Pratley!  The room was going insane, and whereas usually the bouncers would try to usher everyone out as soon as possible, they didn’t seem too bothered and instead joined in.  It was one of those moments in time where it’s ok to hug a stranger and sway to the sound of, “swim away, swim away, swim away!”  The party didn’t stop there mind, though everyone had finally made it out in to the cold night air, there was Darren Pratley being congratulated, hugged and having his photo taken… I totally hugged him, but alas there’s no photo of that!

It was pretty bizarre to not witness one fight the entire night.  I can’t really imagine the mayhem if it would have been Swansea versus Cardiff and I think even the police were glad it wasn’t the case.  Outside on the Kingsway as people tried to find their friends or figure out where they lived or tried to decide if they were hungry, there was a macho competition going on.  Boys were showing their stuff in the form of press-ups which my friend decided to get involved in and another group of boys started up a game of football in the middle of the road.  The entire day was great overall but to be really honest with you, I was knackered.  I couldn’t wait to get back home and shovel some beans and toast down me… it’s the meal of champions I’m told.  I bet Darren Pratley got a cheeky chips with cheese at the end of his night.