We Sirens like our food.  Elena Cresci is known for her hefty appetite, so when Roisin O’Connor invited her for a slap up meal at new Brynmill restaurant Lazy Jacques, she jumped at the offer! Here’s Roisin’s review of their evening…

by Roisin O’Connor

Lazy Jacques, courtesy of their Facebook page

From the moment I saw people working on the interior of this bar/café on Bryn y Môr Road, I was interested in checking it out, so I couldn’t have been more pleased when Elena and I went for a meal in the evening to review it.

The exterior doesn’t give too much away of what you’ll find inside but it does look lovely; a couple of tables and chairs with some plants are set up just outside the door, with a great display in the huge window. The inside is fantastic, with a really good layout which makes good use of a small space and keeps the sea-theme going without being cheesy or fake. The tables are huge, solid wooden blocks lined against the walls, with long benches to sit on. There are lots of pictures on the walls, again reflecting the theme, and there’s a good choice of music which reflects the fact the owners are keen on appealing to students. On top of this, there’s a brilliant outdoor space with extra tables for those odd days in Swansea when the sun decides to shine. Staff are incredibly friendly; a nice change from feeling like you have to apologise for asking for things when you go to a restaurant, and there’s a fun atmosphere. Everyone who came in for a meal or just a drink seemed to be having a laugh and able to relax.

The evening menu is quite varied: starters range from ‘Garlic Cheesy Mushrooms’ for £3.95 to ‘Seared Fois Gras with Brioche and Fig Compote’ for £8.95. The choice of mains is good – ’Moules & Frites’ (mussels and chips) for £11.95 is a particular favourite of mine since I’m a sucker for French cooking, then there’s your basic burger with all the trimmings for £9.95. Elena went for the Cajun chicken, which came with salad and fries, and I opted for a steak.

Both dishes arrived astonishingly fast, but not so quickly we didn’t have time to appreciate the view (Elena and I both had our eye on one of the waiters, standard). I had my steak medium-rare after Elena’s derision at my first choice of having it well-done, and I have to say it was perfect – very tender, with plenty of salad and a truckload of fries.

My only problem would be the menu did say that the steak came with peppercorn sauce which the actual meal was lacking in. As I’m not particularly keen on this sauce I wasn’t bothered, but I’m sure someone else might have been. Elena’s chicken was well-seasoned with a great dressing for the salad, and she managed to finish it along with about half of my steak as well, which she expressed regret at not ordering herself. (Editor’s note: I told you I ate a lot!) A nice chilled glass of San Miguel washed it all down and by the time we were finished there was a musician setting up at the back to do a performance.

Unfortunately Elena and I were both gearing up for Tooters so we couldn’t stick around for the music, but both agreed it had been a great meal. My one concern for the evening menu is that prices are a little steep for the typical student (we did hear talk of a possible 10% off for students), though if you’re looking to have a good meal with friends to celebrate the end of exams then definitely check this place out. Also, remember Lazy Jacques don’t just do meals for the evening! You can get a great breakfast there for a miniscule £1.99 (bacon, sausage, egg, beans, toast, mushrooms and black pudding), and they do great coffee. This place is definitely turning into one of my favourite haunts, and Elena, I’m still working on getting that waiter’s number for you.

Did you know Lazy Jacques have a Facebook page? Check it out here! Have any other independent restaurants in Swansea caught your eye? If you think we should know about it, give us a shout on Twitter, Facebook, by comment or e-mail… as always, we’re all ears.