It still hasn’t hit me that I have yet a dissertation to write before I’m actually all done with my university life (*sob*) but for those of you lucky people, you have me until at least October… or January when I officially graduate!  Ever since I’ve handed in my last portfolio submission I feel as though I don’t have anything to do, and this is very dangerous territory.  I had my week off and now it’s time to start the planning.  Only problem is… what do I write about?  It seems I am infamous for having the dreaded writer’s block, having complained to many of you about it.  I can’t help that either unfortunately, it’s just another form of procrastination.  Lately I’ve been feeling a little off my game with sudden bouts of hay fever so I haven’t been doing ads much as I’d hoped.  And as much as I hate my house, I love the big corner bath we have.  Since Sunday, I’ve had a bubble bath every night… are you jealous?  When I know I have a lot of work to do I will find other menial jobs to do instead, such as cleaning the kitchen or playing with McKinley (the kitten) or having one of many naps.

One of many books for inspiration

I have helped other people with their dissertations, be it reading books for them or just reading it through to make sure it makes sense.  The basis of these dissertations is fact.  Which makes sense; you pick a subject and then waffle on about it for however long the word count is and make it sound clever as though you were actually paying attention in all of those lectures which you most definitely didn’t skive off from.  This got me thinking.  Being a creative writer, you have to make sure your ideas are fresh and original.  Well, as original as possible seeing as how everything has already been written in one form or another.  Most of the time the writing is loosely based around factual information say, if you were writing a historical play, and so as not to offend anyone, you’d make sure you had gotten your dates right at least.  Otherwise, writing as an art can take you almost anywhere, so long as it’s believable and the audience don’t want to leave half way through.  I’m the kind of writer who likes to make things interesting and so I’m constantly trying to re-invent myself instead of trying to write something fresh.  So far, with every plan I think of, nothing has come to fruition and it make be sure sign of, “Get up, and get off your bum and think of something cool.  Don’t be such a lazy git!”  I think I may just try that.  But first… let’s watch that episode of Friends that I’ve seen a million times already.