Ahhh the Media Ball Awards… a night dedicated to recognising the many contributions to Swansea University’s student newspaper The Waterfront and the student radio station Xtreme Radio. There was banter, food, vodka shots and even tiaras so naturally The Siren decided to gatecrash.  Sammy Siddique gives us the low down…

Photo courtesy of Rose Wildlake

I had never been to an awards ball before, it sounded rather fancy and boy was I excited!  It’s usually one of those nights when everybody gets dressed up for more than your usual Wind Street outing and so everybody made the extra effort. I wasn’t alone however;  Elena Cresci and Roisin O’Connor made up the other two thirds of The Siren’s representation at the awards.  Banter was thrown around and the cider was flowing (it was the cheapest thing at the bar) and soon enough everyone scrambled to get a table.  In fact, our table was the rowdiest of tables and I’m surprised we didn’t get thrown out! Between laughter, running commentaries and throwing party favours in each other’s drinks, we were clearly having a great time! The highlight of our table’s banter came from Xtreme Radio’s Eva Donoghue’s dissatisfaction with the singular nature of the potato on her plate. “This is worse than the famine!” she quipped, looking morosely at her solitary potato with beef.


Aside from that, the actual awards ceremony was fantastic and hosted by none other than Tom Upton and James Snaith, who were later joined by special guest, footballer Lee Trundle. There were your expected awards, such a “Best Section”/“Best Radio Show” and other things you’d expect like that, but there were also, as it was put, “The Silly Awards”.  With the amount of time the broadcast and print media teams spend together, there’s definitely going to be some interesting stories.  One such category was “Best One-Liners”.  My favourite had to be the winner,  “HIDOOOOO”.  In case you were wondering, that word means “Hideous”.  It was probably the most used word of the night.

The serious awards were given to some talented and dedicated members of Swansea Media who had clearly contributed a great amount over the past academic year. It was great to see members of both Xtreme and The Waterfront noted for their long-standing contributions to both mediums as well as recognition given to features, shows and sections which have captured the attention of Swansea students this year. A member of The Siren was even commended; our very own Big Mama AKA Elena Cresci got an award for “Outstanding Contribution to Media/Journalism” which co-founding and writing The Siren falls under. We are very very proud of her!

Laughter all around for our Editor and Co-Founder

We were all looking so pretty and so dapper that we thought we would grace Wind Street with our presence minus one Roisin (worst fresher ever).  If you’ve ever been anywhere on a Wednesday you will know the places that are packed.  Yates was a sardine tin.  There just about enough room to dance and take a few cheeky photos before we had moved on.  Unfortunately the group had become split in two and half headed off to Moloko’s whilst myself and Elena ended up in Idols with the rest.

We later planned an arranged marriage between Eva Donoghue and Baby (Jack) Cresci, Elena’s little brother, (Elena deduced she was well equipped to deal with the Cresci brand of crazy), while I ended up stealing Simmo Simmons’ tie as he proceeded to try and break dance in Odyssey’s VIP area. Wasn’t quite able to acquire Music Editor Charlie Teasdale’s knitted vintage tie, which we had concurred was the coolest tie in existence. As standard Swansea practice goes, I managed to end up on the floor  with Fashion Editor Cara Edwards after it had been decided it would be a great idea to spin us both around in heels.  At least the floor wasn’t a Sin City floor.  I couldn’t really pick out the best part of the night, but I just have to say that seeing Simmo Simmons dancing solo on the podium was really the cherry on top of an amazing evening.

The Siren would like to say a big congratulations to all those who won an award, you’re all doing a wonderful job so keep churning out the good stuff!  If you were at the Media Ball this year let us know how your night was!