This week sees the end of lectures for students across campus, but for us final years, they may be the last time we ever sit in those familiar lecture halls or seminar rooms. Monday was my last ever English lecture, while today saw my last ever German Oral (get your minds out of the gutter!) class. Yet with all of the stress of exams and the last few assignments, I haven’t quite got around to feeling upset; I know it’s not over just yet, so I’m not about to get the tears out. Instead, I’ve been reminiscing about my past four years at Swansea, procrastinating by checking out a bundle of old Facebook photos. Standard.

Back in my Fresher days…

The past four years have undoubtedly been the best years of my life. First year was utterly mental, raving it up on floor five in Preseli, getting in trouble for the state of our kitchen and the amount of bin bags gracing the floor. I remember being able to roll out of bed ten minutes before my lecture and still making it in on time, albeit in yesterday’s jeans and a stolen hoodie with windswept hair. It was all about Wind street on a Wednesday and Detention on a Monday, and many many nights in between. Someone remind me how I survived?

The Wi No-No-Nos

Second year was the year of the Bryn Road house, where my housemates would text me from the ground floor living room because let’s face it, you kind of ask for it when you choose the room at the top of a three storey house! This is where the fancy dress started to pick up, a highlight being one of a bundle of Amy Winehouses getting lairy at the annual RAG Beer Race. It’s not easy to forget tottering the length of Wind Street in a red pencil skirt with socks stuffed down your bra to get the ‘accurate’ Wino chest, and showing some lads dressed as toy soildiers how pressups should be done.

When you merge beer with bikes...

Most of my second year friends were ever-aware of the impending final year, where the work really starts. Yet I was fortunate to have a year abroad in Germany to look for forward to.  Everyone who knows me is probably utterly sick and tired of my sentences starting with “This one time, in Germany…” but there’s a pretty good reason for that. Who wouldn’t love travelling every weekend? I’ve been to more cities in Germany than I have in the UK, and probably know more about German states than I do about British counties. Beer, Bratwurst and bikes; what more could you want in life?

Coming back, I had a real hole in my heart in the shape of Deutschland. While I was looking forward to coming back to Swansea, I was really concerned it just couldn’t live up to the previous three years. After all, many of my friends from first year had graduated and moved away. Oh boy, was I proven wrong. There was no way I could have anticipated this year. From getting involved with protests galore to founding this very blog, final year hasn’t been short of excitement. It’s hard to feel depressed your time at Swansea University is coming to an end when you’ve been too busy loving every minute of Swansea life. But I imagine it’ll catch up with me sooner or later.

Leaving Swansea won’t be sad; it’s not as if I’m leaving because I hate it here! Besides which, I’ve got a few weeks left yet. You didn’t think you were rid of me just yet, did you?