by Becca Taylor

New girl on the block Becca Taylor is quite the mover and shaker. Her grinding has become legendary. While Becca’s dancemoves are restricted to Sin Savers on a Thursday or Tooters on a Friday, dance plays a far more significant role in some students’ Swansea experience, especially for members of the Dance Society.  This week, Swansea University’s dancers are showcasing their talents at their end of the year show in the Taliesin Theatre. As Becca was heading to the event, The Siren asked her to share her thoughts on the evening…

Thursday night saw the first of two nights of the end of year Dance Society show “Encore”. This show is an opportunity for dancers of all abilities and disciplines to show off what they’ve been working on all year to an adoring crowd of parents and friends. “Encore” showcases the variety of disciplines our fellow students are mastering and the show brought together everything from hip hop and contemporary to tap and ballet from the beginners right up to the advanced. Their publicist Julie Parienti remarked: “All six of us committee members have been working tirelessly throughout the year and have managed to successfully bring the whole society together for our production. Coupled with excellent stage management and creativity, we have been able to produce our sensational ‘Encore’ show. All proceeds will go towards Cancer Research UK, a cause that touches us all.”

Member of the Dance Society, Cat Roberts, was watching the show and said: “I know how much work these dancers put into the show and it’s hard to believe that some aren’t professional . There were many highlights for me but the beginners tap was my favourite as they were all perfectly in time and didn’t look like beginners at all!”

I have to confess I’m not a massive dance show fan (something I forgot until I was sat in my seat in Taliesin wondering how I’d got there) but there were so many brilliant and comedic moments in this show, I couldn’t help but be won over. Very clever dance fighting routines from the breakdancing students and street dancing provided a bit of light relief from some of the more intense routines. The Hercules dance was a personal highlight and the Glee routine was brilliant, a real crowd-pleaser with their cover Journey’s classic ‘Don’t Stop Believin” possibly more played than the original. A Bollywood routine provided some multi-cultural cheese and was as much fun to watch as it obviously was to perform, and there were nods to the home nations too with Welsh and Irish traditional dancing. Kudos also goes to the girls who did solo dance ventures – they are very brave, and pulled them off beautifully.

Vice President of the Dance Society, Jordon Owen, was clearly proud of his society’s efforts, saying: “I think the show was very successful mainly due to everyone’s commitment, dedication and enthusiasm, which all shone through in each and every performance.”

Certainly everyone involved should be extremely proud of the work they put in and the show they produced, and I offer my congratulations to the committee for organising the whole thing. Owen added that last night’s show sold over 250 tickets, and with few seats left last night, this success looks to be repeated tonight. Parienti extended the committee’s appreciation with: “The committee would like to thank all the members of the society for their hard work and dedication throughout the year and we look forward to continue our success in the future.”

Finally, a huge shoutout to the hero who ran on stage during the finale to give his girlfriend a bunch of flowers. And they say romance is dead…