As our first of two four day weekenders come to an end, it’s occurred to us here at The Siren how horrendously unproductive holidays can be.  Away from the hustle and bustle of university life, it’s easy just to conveniently forget the looming deadlines and exams, especially now the sun has come out to play. So what have our contributors been up to this holiday? Sammy Siddique’s has been all about weddings (and not the royal kind), while Roisin O’Connor has been out and about en France…

by Roisin O’Connor

After the MFL protests and all that talk of foreign languages, I was itching to get out to France for the Easter holidays and practice my French, especially as there’s nothing the French hate more than someone who can‘t speak the language. Unless they speak it badly. Or maybe if they try too hard.

Anyway, I’m what you’d call an obsessive when it comes to French culture, and this Easter I headed out to the Dordogne region, in the Perigord Vert, which is famous for some stunning countryside and a lot of rivers and lakes which are great for kayaking.
Babysitting for my little cousins means I often end up watching one of their films, which I admit I enjoy, but then, who didn’t enjoy Up or Wall-E? I find it funny how stereotypes crop up in kids films, like Flushed Away where a team of French frogs (and yes, they are literal frogs), are told to move in to action, to which they yell, “surrender!” Brilliant.

Right now I’m starting to think about the last couple of pieces of coursework for the final term, and the books I should probably start reading to prepare for my exams. To be perfectly honest, relating back to Evey’s article about exams and mid-semester boredom, I’m not really feeling the pressure yet for the exams. Is this weird? A couple of people on my course seemed to get overly-stressed right before the exams, but as much as I hate them, the “40% to pass” has stuck in my head and I’m feeling fairly relaxed about the whole thing.

This first year feels as though it’s gone unbelievably fast but I’m glad to say it also feels like I’ve made the most of it. I’ve met some fantastic people, gone out a lot, dodged my way around the dreaded overdraft, enjoyed the course, and now I’m really looking forward to a week of work experience at the South Wales Evening Post in June, though I’m nervous as well. Journalism is the career I’m going for so I want to make a good impression.

Speaking of, huge congratulations are in order to Len, who will be attending what is basically the Oxford/Cambridge equivalent of journalism at Cardiff. I hope she’ll still be keeping one beady Siren eye on us lot next year. Bon Voyage!